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The Ophelia's

2/27/14 - The Donation Show

Mar 05, 2014

In which our less-than-logical host tries to get people to donate by playing the most off-putting music possible

Wow, I am late on this blog post. Oops. Anyways... *ahem*

This week's show was the show that took place during Radio K's wonderful K-Starter campaign! It's that time of the year (well, one of those two times of the year) when we ask all our listeners to donate money to keep us alive. If you're reading this, it means K-Starter has ended, and you don't have to worry about us bothering you about it. But you can still donate if you want, winkwinknudgenudge.

And how did we work to get the most people to donate money? By playing some really heavy, ugly music, that's how. Makes sense, right? Well, this show wasn't all super heavy, but we did focus a bit more on death metal in its various incarnations than we have in the past. But that's awesome, because death metal is awesome. We played crazy technical death metal with stuff like Brain Drill and SikTh, not-so-technical but still plenty brutal stuff like Cannibal Corpse and Jungle Rot, and even split the difference with some of the heaviest AND most skilled bands we've heard so far. We played a request for some good old fashioned Type O Negative, and local music by Witchden.

I really don't have anything else to say, which is rare. Let's just move on to the track of the week.


Today it's Death Quota for Purification by Canadian Brutal Death/Grind/Prog band The Myriad Burial. You can listen to it here:

Have you heard of this band? Probably not. They only released this one demo, so far as I can find, and this is one of the tracks off of it. But it's just a perfect microcosm of the most extreme metal. They've got ridiculously heavy slam riffs with some of the most guttural vocals imaginable, fast, technical riffing over gravity blasts, and even jazzy breaks and proggy soloing. Sometimes when you get into brutal death metal, there comes a habit of not breaking from the formula of "AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE ALL THE TIME," but this band stands out because they aren't afraid to branch out. Also, a funnny story: Apparently the band, when asked for a transcription of the most guttural part of the vocal track, shrugged their shoulders and said "uuuuh, we can't really remember. Just make something up that seems like it fits?"

That's metal as hell.


Anyways, on to this week's setlist:

Brain Drill “Apocalyptic Feasting” from Apocalyptic Feasting on Metal Blade Records

Cannibal Corpse “Evisceration Plague” from Evisceration Plague on Metal Blade Records

Jungle Rot “Fight For Life” from WAR ZONE on Crash Music Inc

Type O Negative “Creepy Green Light” from World Coming Down on Roadrunner Records

Alice In Chains “GRIND” from Alice In Chains on Columbia

Emperor “Into the Infinity of Thoughts” from In the Nightside Eclipse on CANDLELIGHT/TANGLADE

December Wolves “Not With Tainted Blood” from Completely Dehumanized on Earache Records

Witchden “Time To Burn” from Consulting the Bones on Witchden

Sikth “Way Beyond the Fond Old River” from Death of a Dead Day on Bieler Bros. Records, Inc.

Architects “Buried At Sea” from Ruin on Shock Records

The Dillinger Escape Plan “Farewell, Mona Lisa” from Option Paralysis on Season of mist

Myriad Burial “Death Quota for Purification” from Demo 2010

Excruciating Thoughts “In Memory” from Archaic on Independent

Dying Fetus “Shepherd's Commandment” from Descend Into Depravity on Relapse Records

Evile “Now Demolition” from Infected Nations on Earache Records Ltd

Destroy Destroy Destroy “HellFire” from Devour the Power on BLACK MARKET ACTIVITIES

Job for a Cowboy “Embedded” from GENESIS on Metal Blade Records

Dream Theater “The Dark Eternal Night (Live)” from Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 (Live) on Roadrunner Records

Intronaut “Prehistoricism” from Prehistoricisms on Century Media