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3/20/14 - Nothing to See Here

Mar 26, 2014

In which our uneventful host does nothing out of the ordinary. Which still makes this show awesome, though.

Here we are again. More metal music, all of it awesome. But nothing too special to say about today. Just a good variety of good stuff.

On a sad note, let's take time to mourn the passing of Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus of GWAR. Died at the young age of 50, and was the lead creative force behind the band, and the only continuous member throughout the band's entire career. He will surely be missed. Look for some GWAR on this next week's show, obviously.

On a less-sad note, Metallica released some new music lately, and let's talk about that for a bit. First, they released a demo of a new song of theirs, titled Lords of Summer. You can listen to it here: Frankly, I think it's just more of the same from Death Magnetic. Passably decent thrash with some really cool ideas, shoved into songs that are often too long and repetitive. So not bad, but not terribly exciting either. 

The best new Metallica music, though, isn't Metallica at all. For those of you that are unaware, a tribute album to Ronnie James Dio is being released this year, titled "Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life." And Metallica have released their contribution to the album, a medley of four different Rainbow songs all in one track. They call this medley "Ronnie Rising." Say what you will about Metallica, but they've always been very solid at doing covers, and this medley rocks pretty hard. Great production, great playing, great arrangement, it all just works. Take a listen to it here:

For our track of the week this week? Hmmmm... Let's stick with the covers theme we've got going on in this post. So we're going to pick Into the Void, a tune originally by Black Sabbath, but covered by Usnea. It comes off of another tribute album just released, which is CVLT Nation's tribute to the Sabbath album Masters of Reality. They have doom bands covering every track off of the album, and it's just awesome. The whole thing manages to make Sabbath even slower and heavier, and there are some really prime cuts. Rather than linking to this song specifically, I'm going to link to the album download page, because you can get the whole thing for free! You'd really be doing yourself a favor by listening to it.


On to this week's playlist!

Gorguts “Absconders” from Colored Sands on Season of mist

Ageless Oblivion “Those Who Fed of Light” from Penthos on Century Media

Powerglove “The Simpsons (feat. Tony Kakko)” from Saturday Morning Apocalypse on eOne Music

Amberian Dawn “Circus Black” from Circus Black on Universal

Iron Maiden “22 Acacia Avenue” from The Number of the Beast on Sanctuary

Van Halen “I'm The One” from Van Halen on Rhino/Warner Bros.

Teramaze “Anhedonia” from Anhedonia on Nightmare Records

Wolfcrusher “Reborn” from Reborn

Sodom “CIty of God” from Sodom on Steamhammer

System of a Down “FOREST” from Toxicity on American

TesseracT “Of Mind - Exile” from Altered State on Century Media

Trenches “Call It Correct” from The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole on Solid State Records (SST)

The Vision Bleak “The Demon of the Mire” from The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey on Napalm Records

Napalm Death “Life And Limb” from Time Waits for No Slave on Century Media

Soundgarden “4Th of July” from Superunknown on A&M Records

Usnea “Into the Void” from Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality (The Cvlt Nation Sessions)

Wolf Blood “Witch” from Wolf Blood

High On Fire “Snakes For the Divine” from Snakes For the Divine on Shock Records

August Burns Red “Treatment” from Rescue & Restore on Hassle Records