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3/6/14 - Not Another Teen Metal Show

Mar 09, 2014

In which our brain-dead host plays a lot of metal music

Here we are again (on our ooooown). Another show, and more great music.

No theme tonight. None whatsoever. And not even enough similar music for me to ham-fistedly retcon a theme onto the playlist. 

ACTUALLY NO. The theme is "great metal music"

By which I mean, we just played a lot of great music.

Anyways, a few random notes. Didn't have any requests to play, but I did receive one request during the show for some Burzum. Playing Varg Virkenes is always pretty morally sketchy, what with the murder and the casual racism and whatnot. But Burzum is also some incredibly important music when it comes to the development of second wave black metal and ambient black metal as a genre, so I'm probably not entirely opposed to playing it. It's kind of like Birth of a Nation - It might make you really uncomfortable, but it contributed so much to its craft that you sort of have to experience it for the sake of educational value. So yeah, I'll look into getting some Burzum for the show.

Next, concert times! Concerts are going crazy if you read this today (Sunday). I'll be hitting up the Animals as Leaders/After the Burial show at the Skyway Theater, because not only are both those bands great, but Veil of Maya's tour is crossing paths with it so they'll be playing at the same show. What a killer lineup. Also, the opening bands are supposed to be pretty cool, so I'll check them out.

Alternatively, The Sword is playing tonight too! I missed them the last time they came around, and I'm feeling bad that I'll have to miss them again! Certainly a show worth your time though, if you're into Battle Metal and Sabbath Worship (which obviously I am).


Track of the week time? It was hard to pick one this week, so I had to go to my old fallback method of picking: Which one did I end up rocking out to the most? So for this week, it's gotta be Happy Little Boozer by folk-metal band Korpiklaani. Listen to the track here:

Not much to say about this. Sometimes folk metal can be a little too self-serious (actually, sometimes metal in general can be a little too self-serious), but this song is just straight fun. I just want to throw this song on in a pub full of drunk metalheads and see what happens. It's just that sort of song.


This week's playlist:

Nachtmystium “ASSASSINS” from Assassins: Black Meddle, Pt. 1 on Century Media

Mercyful Fate “NIGHTMARE” from Don't Break the Oath on Roadrunner Records

Sarah Longfield “Sea” from Par Avion

The Faceless “In Solitude” from Autotheism on Sumerian Records

Necrophagist “Advanced Corpse Tumor” from Onset of Putrefaction on Relapse Records

Nile “Annihilation of the Wicked” from Annihilation of the Wicked on Relapse Records

Soulfly “Warmageddon” from Conquer on Roadrunner Records

Strapping Young Lad “Far Beyond Metal” from The New Black on Century Media

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza “Go Greyhound” from Danza II: Electric Boogaloo

Spires “The Infinite Descent” from Spiral Of Ascension on Paul Sadler Productions

Tool “Forty Six & 2” from Ænima on Zoo Ent

King Goro “Bellows” from Bellows

Fuck the Facts “No Place for Failure” from Disgorge Mexico on Relapse Records

Every Time I Die “Organ Grinder” from New Junk Aesthetic on Sony Music Japan International

Drudkh “Fallen Into Oblivion” from Eastern Frontier in Flames on Season of Mist Underground Activists

Korpiklaani “Happy Little Boozer” from Tales Along This Road on Napalm Records

Nekrogoblikon “Nothing but Crickets” from Power - EP on Goblin Records

MINISTRY “Roadhouse Blues” from The Last Sucker on 13th Planet Records

Megadeth “My Last Words” from Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (Remastered) on Capitol Records

Toxic Holocaust “Endless Armageddon” from An Overdose of Death... on Relapse Records