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Flippin' Out

Jul 11, 2014

In which our host turns our guest's name into a bad pun for the title of a blog, but what's he gonna do, fight about it?

Here's to another super fun (and not at all a bummer!) Metal Music Machine! Tonight, of course, we were joined by special guest Flip Arkulary. He does booking at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in downtown St. Paul, as well as playing in metal band Exiles. We're glad he could join us, and he certainly had a lot to say about his profession and the community. He taught us all the importance of keeping your work and your promises when it comes to bookers and promoters, and about how anybody in a metal band should expect to go through members like Taco Bell goes through poor drunken decision makers. 

He also played us some really cool metal he picked out, both local and not local. House of Atreus, Windhand, his own band Exiles, The Dames, and new music from Invidiosus. Invidiosus are a pretty cool local tech-death band that's been around forever, but due to circumstances has never been able to put out a full-length album until this month. Officially it comes out on July 30th, but copies are already circulating around and the band will probably be pretty happy if you want to buy one from them. Anyways, we played the title track, Malignant Universe, and it rips. Going back to the original list, House of Atreus will be appearing at Flip's own metal showcase, Bummerfest 2014. A follow-up to this winter's Winterfest (which we mentioned on the show), Bummerfest showcases MN metal on July 18th at the Amsterdam. Ambassador Gun headlines, but the whole lineup is great, including Vukari, Krawg, House of Atreus (as mentioned), Seidr, Nuklear Frost, as well as bands we've spun on the show before, Ire Wolves, Cold Colours, and Noble Beast. Should be awesome.

We also gave away some tickets to the Black Flag show, also at the Amsterdam just a few days later (July 20th). 

Thanks again to Flip for coming in, and rather than doing a track of the week this week, I figured it's about halfway through the year, and I'd just list my favorite track of the 2014 so far. I won't really write up anything about it, because it was track of the week back when I first played it, but it's Directional by Indian, off their album From All Purity. You can listen to it here:

Rounding out the top 10?

2. Scream Feeding - Archspire

3. Boleskin House - Triptykon

4. Asleep in the Deep - Mastodon

5. Glacial Blood - Ageless Oblivion

6. Mountain - Tempel

7. Baptized in Bud - Cannabis Corpse

8. A Man Can Dream - Shroud of Despondency

9. Melting of My Marrow - Killer Be Killed

10. Slave to the Sword - Exmortus

Good stuff, amirite?


Now check out this week's playlist:

Deicide “DEICIDE” from Deicide on Roadrunner Records

Eyehategod “Parish Motel Sickness” from Eyehategod on Housecore Records

Entombed “HollowMan” from Wolverine Blues (Full Dynamic Range Edition) on Earache Records Ltd

Destrage “Where the Things Have No Colour” from Are You Kidding Me? No. on Metal Blade Records

Darkest Hour “Wasteland” from Wasteland

Morbus Chron “CHAINS” from Sweven on Century Media

Behemoth “ORA PRO NOBIS LUCIFER” from THE SATANIST on Nuclear Blast

Evile “Nosophoros” from Infected Nations on Earache Records Ltd

Municipal Waste “Intro - Deathripper” from Hazardous Mutation on Earache Records

God Forbid “Anti-Hero” from Beneath the Scars of Glory and Progression on Century Media

Biohazard “We're Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)” from Urban Discipline on Roadrunner Records

Machine Head “Davidian (Live)” from Machine F**king Head Live on Roadrunner Records

Indian “Directional” from From All Purity on Relapse Records

House of Atreus “Bastards on the Hillside” from Into the Brazen Bull

Windhand “Black Candles” from Windhand on Forcefield Records

Exiles “Lyndale South” from Lyndale South

Invidiosus “Malignant Universe” from Malignant Universe

The Dames “Taiwan” from The Dames on Cockaigne