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It's Raining (Blood) Metal

Apr 27, 2014

Did you know that this blog is still a thing? It's been nearly a month. IT'S ALL MY FAULT.

Anyways, if you came here in a last-ditch effort to find some writing about Metal, don't you worry, it's finally here. This week's show was as brutal as ever, and even came with some high-profile new releases! Namely, Mastodon and Slayer, who both released new tracks in the week leading up to this show.

The Mastodon single (High Road) is pretty in-line with Curl of the Burl, the first single from their last album, The Hunter. Which means to say, it's pretty straightforward for a Mastodon song, but still melodic, riffy, heavy, and great. I'm hoping the album will be a little more progressive-leaning, but if it follows suit with The Hunter, then I'm sure it will be!

The Slayer track (Implode) basically sounds like Slayer. It's their first recording since they fired Dave Lombardo and since the untimely death of Jeff Hanneman, and I will say it lacks a certain something to put it in the pantheon of classic Slayer tracks. But, it's still Slayer, it's still heavy, and the track grows on me the further into it I get. So I'm hopeful for the future of mankind.

We also featured just released music from local band Raptor Claw. They're a cool duo that plays slightly off-kilter grindy goodness, and they just released their EP "Hatchling" on tape earlier this month, and on Bandcamp about a week ago. So we spun some of that. They play around the cities pretty regularly, so you'll probably catch them if you look at the smaller metal shows going around.


Speaking of local music, let's get to the Track of the Week! This week, it's the paradoxically-named Winter's Summer by St. Paul band Blood Folke. They're just a trio, but they play "Blackened Post-Rock Doom Metal" and really blow stuff out of the water. You might have seen them playing at the Amsterdam Bar on Record Store Day last week. I didn't, but I wish I did. I played this track though, and that's the next best thing. This track takes a hot minute to build up, but damn if it doesn't have that great cathartic build-up/release thing that the best post-rock and post-metal have in spades. The song also has plenty of weird quiet interludes, heavy riffs, and black metal screaming. If you like Deafheaven, but maybe wanted something a little rawer and heavier, then you could do far worse than this local band.

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Now the playlist!

Playlist for 4/24/14:

God Forbid “Don't Tell Me What to Dream” from EQUILIBRIUM on Victory

ALL THAT REMAINS “The Weak Willed” from The Fall of Ideals on Prosthetic/Razor & Tie

Architects “Hunt Them Down” from Ruin on Shock Records

Blind Guardian “In A Gadda Da Vida” from FLY - EP on Nuclear Blast

Blood Folke “Winter's Summer” from Blood Folke

Slayer “Implode” from Implode

The Casket Crew “Dethanol” from Coercion on Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Converge “A Glacial Pace” from All We Love We Leave Behind on Epitaph

Death “Secret Face” from HUMAN on Relapse Records

Fuck the Facts “Driving Through Fallen Cities” from Disgorge Mexico on Relapse Records

Dissection “Thorns of Crimson Death” from Storm of the Light's Bane on The End Records

Death Angel “SOULLESS” from Killing Season on Nuclear Blast

Fear Factory “Fear Campaign” from Mechanize on Unknown

DragonForce “Wings Of Liberty” from The Power Within on Roadrunner Records

JUDAS PRIEST “One Shot At Glory” from PainKiller on Columbia

Kataklysm “The Road To Devastation” from In the Arms of Devastation on Nuclear Blast

Jungle Rot “KILLING SPREE” from WAR ZONE on Crash Music Inc

Kylesa “To Walk Alone” from Static Tensions on Prosthetic Records

MASTODON “High Road” from High Road - Single

Raptor Claw “Comet Approaching” from Hatchling

Prong “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” from Cleansing on Epic