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A Long (And Probably Tearful) Goodbye!

May 12, 2017


Tonight, unfortunately, is my last night here as a host on the Metal Music Machine.  Being that it was my last night, I decided to take you all on a little journey that has been my experience as a metal head.  I started out playing the songs that really got me into metal, particularly N.I.B. by Black Sabbath, but Alice In Chains and Metallica’s influence cannot be overstated.  Next, I played songs from the three band that played at the first show I ever went to see live, Love and Death, Asking Alexandria, and one of my favorite all time bands, KoRn.  After I played songs from my senior year of high school, one of my favorites, being Ovid’s Withering.  Then we journey into my first year of college, where I met the original host of the Metal Music Machine, Nate and he introduced me to the rest of the amazing bands on this list.  My favorites being Aftermath, Anomalie, and Behemoth.  That brought me to the end of the show and the end of my career here, not only as host of the Metal Music Machine, but at Radio K.  Those were just the bands I was able to play, I would have liked to throw in a Ghost track or some Celtic Frost to commemorate the time I spent co-hosting with one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to all music, not just metal, Eliot, but alas I could only play so much.  While it may be a sad departure, I know I am leaving the show in the competent hands of Abby, who has done an amazing job already.  The past three year hosting the Metal Music Machine has been one of the most fun and amazing experiences that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in.  Love you all!! Keep on kicking ass and taking names!!


Upcoming Shows/ Events:

May 13th: Morta Skuld, Invidiosus, Fail to Decay, MurderIntheHouseofGod at Eagles 34


Black Sabbath “N.i.b.” from Black Sabbath on Catalogue Marketing
Alice In Chains “Would?” from Dirt on Columbia
Metallica “Of Wolf and Man” from Metallica on Vertigo
Love and Death “chemicals” from Between Here & Lost on Tooth & Nail Records
Asking Alexandria “The Death of Me” from From Death To Destiny on Sumerian Records
Korn “Blind” from Korn
Born of Osiris “Follow the Signs” from The Discovery on Sumerian Records
Whitechapel “The Saw Is the Law” from Our Endless War on Howling Bull
Ovid's Withering “Earthshaker I” from Scryers of the Ibis on Subliminal Groove Records
Ghost Brigade “Clawmaster” from Until Fear No Longer Defines Us on Season of mist
Demon Hunter “Artificial Light” from Extremist on Solid State Records
After the Burial “A Wolf Amongst Ravens” from Wolves Within on Sumerian Records
Aftermath “Change of Mood” from Eyes of Tomorrow on Zoid Entertainment
Anomalie “Refugium” from Refugium on Art Of Propaganda
Allegaeon “Threshold of Perception” from Elements of the Infinite on Metal Blade Records
Benighted “Let the Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth (Live)” from Brutalive the Sick on Season of mist
Behemoth “The Satanist” from THE SATANIST on Nuclear Blast
Bathory “Baptise In Fire and Ice” from Hammerheart on Black Mark
Barishi “the deep” from Blood from the Lion's Mouth on Season of mist
Harakiri for the Sky “Thanatos” from III: Trauma on Art Of Propaganda