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OH JEEZ this'll be quick

Jun 12, 2014

Remember when I said I'd do better at blogging?

Cue Schwarzenegger impression 

I lied

But, here I am now.

Last week's show was rad. The image above is a direct screencap from one of my favorite metal trivia tidbits, which is that Pantera onceappeared in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

And we played that track this week. It was Death Rattle, from the band's last album, Reinventing the Steel. That was cool.

Anyways, our track of the week this week is The Noble Beast, by Noble Beast, from the album Noble Beast ( There's not a huge power metal scene locally, so it's awesome to see such a cool band keeping the torch alive. Classic stuff right here. 

Again, sorry for such a crappy post this week, and for the lack of posting last week. I REALLY AM TRYING TO DO BETTER.


This week's playlist:

Ghost B.C. “Ghuleh / Zombie Queen” from Infestissumam on Loma Vista / Republic

Nightosaur “Porchburner” from Spaceaxers on Nightosaur

Korpiklaani “Korpiklaani” from Tales Along This Road on Napalm Records

Necrophagist “Extreme Unction” from Onset of Putrefaction on Relapse Records

Bolt Thrower “To the Last...” from Mercenary on Metal Blade Records

Job for a Cowboy “Unfurling a Darkened Gospel” from Ruination (Bonus Track Version) on Metal Blade Records

Hammercult “Steelcrusher” from Steelcrusher on Sonic Attack

Metal Church “A Light In The Dark” from A Light In The Dark on Steamhammer

Overkill “The Green And Black” from Ironbound on Nuclear Blast

Kylesa “Tired Climb” from Spiral Shadow on (RED) Season of Mist

Lacuna Coil “Our Truth” from Karmacode

The Sword “Tres Brujas” from Warp Riders on Kemado

DIO “Straight Through the Heart” from Holy Diver on Rhino/Warner Bros.

Deicide “Oblivious to Evil” from Deicide on Roadrunner Records

Misery Index “Thrown Into the Sun” from Traitors on Relapse Records

Portal “Kilter” from Vexovoid on Profound Lore

Pantera “Death Rattle” from Reinventing the Steel on EastWest America

Lamb of God “Blacken the Cursed Sun” from Sacrament on Epic

Watain “The Light That Burns the Sun” from Sworn to the Dark on (RED) Season of Mist

Noble Beast “The Noble Beast” from Noble Beast

Yakuza “Back to the Mountain” from Samsara