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Oops, I Missed It Again

Aug 12, 2014

I've been terrible about this. This'll be short and sweet, and I'll retreat to my corner of shame.

Next week will be cool, because Clashed Attitudes host Jaak will be coming in and co-hosting Metal Music Machine. It'll be a great crossover night examining the intersection of punk and metal.


Now let's go over the last few weeks' playlists!



We gave away tickets to see Primitive Man and Hexis, which was an awesome show (particularly Hexis, who blew us all away with their first US show). So I hope all you lucky ticket winners enjoyed the show as much as I did!

Track of the week is Split My Tongue by Schammasch, a band who I had never heard of, but this track immediately jumps into my year-end list. Great sludgy awesomeness.


Electric Wizard “I am Nothing” from Time to Die

Corrupt Moral Altar “Blood Harmony” from Mechanical Tides on Season of mist

Bastard Feast “The Rats Through Our Veins” from Osculum Infame on Season of Mist Underground Activists

Hexis “Neglexerunt” from Abalam

Sikth “Sanguine Seas of Bigotry” from Death of a Dead Day on Bieler Bros. Records, Inc.

Trenches “Trip the Landmine” from The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole on Solid State Records (SST)

Cold Colours “From This Pain” from MMXIV

Terrorizer “Hordes of Zombies” from Hordes of Zombies on (RED) Season of Mist

Lord Dying “In a Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment” from Summon the Faithless (Deluxe Version) on Relapse Records

Primitive Man “Sweet Leaf” from Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality (The Cvlt Nation Sessions)

Red Fang “Malverde (Acoustic)” from Absolute Music Bunker Session

Accept “Metal Heart” from Metal Heart

Blood Folke “Termination Shield” from Blood Folke

Bongripper “Endless” from Miserable

Schammasch “Split My Tongue” from Contradiction on Prosthetic

Belphegor “Rise To Fall and Fall To Rise” from Blood Magick Necromance on Nuclear Blast

Slayer “Violent Pacification” from Undisputed Attitude on American Recordings Catalog P&D

Armus “The Fall of Nihil” from Demo 1/14


Just a simple, great show. Celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Metallica's second album and thrash class Ride the Lightning. Track of the week is Surf Squid Warfare by Alestorm, because it's a pirate-metal song about time travel, drinking, and fighting aliens and sea monsters. What could be better?


MOTORHEAD “BORN TO LOSE” from The World Is Yours on UDR

Sepultura “Sadistic Values” from A-Lex on Steamhammer

Alestorm “Surf Squid Warfare” from Sunset On the Golden Age on Vertigo/Capitol

Primitive Man “Rags” from Scorn (Deluxe Version) on Relapse Records

Vallenfyre “Dragged To Gehenna” from Splinters on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

Portal “Awryeon” from Vexovoid on Profound Lore

LUNGS “Sermon on the Plain” from Self Titled 10"

Gyre “Circle to Feed” from Second Circle - EP on Gyre

Melvins “Night Goat” from Houdini on Atlantic Records

Metallica “Ride The Lightning” from Ride The Lightning on Universal Music Group International

Jungle Rot “They Gave Their Lives” from WAR ZONE on Crash Music Inc

Wovenwar “TEMPEST” from Wovenwar on Metal Blade Records

Nachtmystium “The End Is Eternal” from Addicts - Black Meddle, Pt. II on Century Media

Watain “Stellarvore” from Sworn to the Dark on (RED) Season of Mist

Up the Mountain Down the Mountain “Far From It” from "12" Tape

Orthodox “Mesto Rigido e Ceremoniale” from Amanecer en Puerta Oscura on Alone Records

Origin “Evolution of Extinction” from Entity on Nuclear Blast Records

Ulcerate “Caecus” from Everything Is Fire on Non EMI

Misery Index “CROSS TO BEAR” from The Killing Gods on Season of mist



Cool set this week. The back half focused all on Thrash Metal, and really I should've devoted an entire show to it, because despite covering good ground, it feels like I didn't do this massive subgenre justice. Oh well, maybe I'll revisit it later.

Track of the week is Go Skate! (Possessed to Skate '97) by Suicidal Tendencies. I forgot how much I loved this band, and how much I love Rob Trujillo (currently doing his best take on Cliff Burton's classic basslines with Metallica) as a bassist. Great thrashy, punky jam full of slap bass and radness. If you like that, you'll probably like this week's show.


Metal Music Machine (Specialty Show) with Nathan Gerdes 08/07/2014 10:00PM to 12:00AM

Tombs “ASHES” from Savage Gold on Relapse Records

MurmuR “Water from Water” from Murmur on Season of mist

Amon Amarth “Prediction of Warfare” from With Oden On Our Side on Metal Blade Records

Strapping Young Lad “ZEN” from ALIEN on Century Media

Krawg “ruinous peregrination” from ruinous peregrination

My Ruin “Deconsecrated” from A Southern Revelation

Extermination Dismemberment “Devastation Squad” from Serial Urbicide on Amputated Vein Records

Rage Nucléaire “The Deadfall Triptych” from Black Storm of Violence on Season of mist

Slipknot “The Negative One” from The Negative One - Single

After the Burial “The Forfeit” from Forging a Future Self on After the Burial

Scale the Summit “Age of the Tide” from Carving Desert Canyons on Prosthetic

Metal Church “A Light In The Dark” from A Light In The Dark on Steamhammer

Metallica “BLACKENED” from ...And Justice for All on Virgin EMI

Megadeth “Tornado of Souls” from Rust In Peace on Capitol Records

Slayer “Angel Of Death” from Reign In Blood (Expanded) on American Recordings Catalog P&D

Anthrax “A Skeleton In the Closet” from Among the Living on Island Records

Testament “The Evil Has Landed” from The Formation of Damnation on Nuclear Blast GmbH

Sodom “BLASPHEMER” from In the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty on Steamhammer

Skeletonwitch “Erased and Forgotten” from Forever Abomination on Prosthetic

Municipal Waste “Terror Shark” from Hazardous Mutation on Earache Records

Suicidal Tendencies “Go Skate! (Possessed to Skate '97)” from Prime Cuts: The Best of Suicidal Tendencies on Epic

Machine Head “Beautiful Mourning” from The Blackening on Roadrunner Records