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The Passage of Time is Ceaseless and Unstoppable

Jul 08, 2014

It's July! Which means we're in the midst of a... well, not so hot Minnesota Summer.

Last week we had the fabulous Maeth for Metal Music Machine's first ever live in-studio performance. Sorry we went on so late, but it was a lot of fun! They played three songs, and a lot of drums, and a lot of flute, and with an absolute bare minimum (see what I did there? BARE?) of shirts.

This week, we covered a lot of new music this year that I haven't gotten around to playing yet. New music from Every Time I Die, Floor, Dust Moth, Killer Be Killed, and more. The last one is particularly awesome, because Killer Be Killed is a supergroup featuring members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, Mastodon, and The Mars Volta. If that's not a stacked deck, I don't know what is.

We also played some local music, including a just-released track from CWN ANNWN (pronounced Coon Ah Noon. Oh Welsh...), as well as some awesome riffy doom from Wicked Inquisition.

Track of the Week this week? Baptized in Bud, by Cannabis Corpse, off their new album From Wisdom to Baked. You can listen to it here:

Cannabis Corpse has always sort of seemed like a joke band, with everything having a (pretty obvious) theme, but the truth is, they're just an awesome death metal band, and their new album especially is creative, innovative, and heavy as hell. 

Tune in next week when we'll be joined with guest Flip Arkulary, who books metal bands around the Twin Cities. He'll be talking about the business side of metal, how booking works, how to succeed as an independent metal band, his upcoming metal showcase Bummerfest, and we'll even be giving away some tickets to see Black Flag (which he booked as well). Lots of fun.


Anyways, here's the setlist this week!

Every Time I Die “EL DORADO” from From Parts Unknown on Epitaph

Floor “Sister Sophia” from Oblation on Season of mist

Wicked Inquisition “Radius of Fear” from Silence Thereafter

Drudkh “ASHES” from Eastern Frontier in Flames on Season of Mist Underground Activists

Pallbearer “Given To The Grave” from Sorrow And Extinction on Profound Lore

Cannabis Corpse “Baptized in Bud” from From Wisdom to Baked on Season of mist

The Faceless “Ten Billion Years” from Autotheism on Sumerian Records

Dyscarnate “An Axe To Grind” from Enduring the Massacre on Century Media

Terrorhorse “Robo Sapiens Sapiens” from This Ain't No Goddamn Mirage

Rainbow “Lady Of The Lake” from Long Live Rock 'n' Roll on Polydor

Ratt “Morning After” from Out of the Cellar

Spinal Tap “Heavy Duty” from This Is Spinal Tap on Universal Records

Cwn Annwn “Stay Forever” from Metamorphosis

Meshuggah “Nebulous” from Nothing on Nuclear Blast

Shining “Blackjazz Rebels” from One One One on Prosthetic +

Killer Be Killed “Melting of My Marrow” from Killer Be Killed on Nuclear Blast

Duskburn “Between the Swarm” from Atum - Single on Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Darkthrone “Kathaarian Life Code” from A Blaze In The Northern Sky on Peaceville Records

Dust Moth “CUSP” from Dragon Mouth - EP on The Mylene Sheath

Megadeth “Poison Was the Cure” from Rust In Peace on Capitol Records