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Blogpost #5

May 19, 2017

It’s been a while, but listen: I found music by someone who knows Tony Hawk


Hi there!

Wow, it’s been a hot second, hasn’t it? Nocturnity hasn’t gone anywhere--I’ve just been too busy to write. But now it’s summer! And school is over! And everyone (hopefully) has a lot more free time, including me! Nice!

As usual, last night’s show was pretty low key. The highlight was probably the last song of the evening--I didn’t get to announce it, but apparently the producer behind Aughra has worked closely with Tony Hawk (!!!!). Like, the skateboarder Tony Hawk.  Which is really cool.

Here’s a link to “At Land”, the Maya Deren film that the 3Epekano album may or may not be related to. It’s pretty neat.

Until next week,



Yasushi Yoshida "little hand" from Little Grace
Anselark "The Silent Sound" from listening for unmade moments
Bronze Fawn "Does This Battle Armor Suit Me?" from Lumber
Andrew Pekler "Vertical Gardens" from Cue
Twine "disconnected" from Violets
Daisuke Miyatani "between A and B" from schole compilation vol. 1
Emanuele Errante "Magic Wood" from Humus
Tape "parade" from Luminarium
Yndi Halda "We Flood Empty Lakes" from Enjoy Eternal Bliss
3Epkano "Hovering Above the Sea" from At Land
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis "Song for Bob" from Music From the Motion Picture the Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford
Redhooker "Sometimes She Speaks Gently" from The Future According to Yesterday
Golden Arm Trio "More Sad People" from Golden Arm Trio
Cam Butler "Southern Ocean" from See (Symphony No.1)
Hotel Hotel "From Harbour" from The Sad Sea
L'Ocelle Mare "Porte d'octobre 2" from Porte D'octobre
Pronounced Eggtree "Tricerabeth" from Pronounced Eggtree
The Hylozoists "If Only Your Heart Was a Major Sixth" from La Fin Du Monde
Falcon Arrow "Anglize" from an In-Studio recorded on 12-9-09
Nomia "Iron and Rust" from Iron and Rust
Helen Money "dreaming" from Helen Money
Aughra "Ode On an Urn" from Proof of Dark Matter / Light the Lights