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Madeline Kenney
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Blogpost #6

May 28, 2017


Hey there, everyone!

The new Alien movie is in theaters! Oh man! I’m so mad excited.

(I’m also slowly learning that not all people are huge Alien fans? I keep trying to talk to other K folks about this and nobody seems to care except DJ Horse, who graduated, no longer works here, and therefore no longer counts. It’s been sadly eye-opening. Anyway! I’m jazzed.)

In a loose effort to celebrate, we had a tiny themed set near the middle of the show: one song from the original Alien soundtrack, one from Prometheus, and then two others written by Jed Kurzel, who scored the upcoming film. Dread Central recently interviewed Kurzel about his Alien: Covenant work--in it, he talks about blending synthetic and natural sounds and the lessons he learned from scoring The Babadook. It’s kind of neat. Here’s a link.

On a less spooky note, here’s a nice video of Jonsi and Alex (of Riceboy Sleeps) making a raw strawberry pie. It’s the purest thing I’ve ever seen.  

Until next week,



Madox ford "hank marvin plays all your favorite single notes" from "Great Drama in the Drummer's Left Hand"
Nico Muhly "A Hudson Cycle" from "Speaks Volumes"
Rothko "Weather Every Storm" from "Eleven Stages of Intervention"
Sumner McKane "First Winter At Plymouth Colony" from "What a Great Place to Be"
Hoops "Benjals" from "Routines"
Jack Rose "Moon In the Gutter" from "Luck In The Valley"
J.D. King "Blues for Elizabeth Bently" from "American Mercury"
Pan American "There Is Always the Thrill of Just Beginning" from "White Bird Release"
Jerry Goldsmith and His Orchestra "Main title" from "Alien (OST)"
Marc Streitenfeld "A Planet" from "Prometheus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"
Retrospectre "The Babadook Theme" from "The Horror Movie Collection"
Jed Kurzel "Jay's Theme" from "Slow West (Original Soundtrack)"
Bosques de mi Mente "Paseo 2, Verano (La Niña de Hiroshima)" from "lofI"
Harold Nono "Lightbox" from "To The River Lounge"
Aaron Martin "the ducks are just sleeping" from "almond"
Detektivbyrån "E18" from "Hemvagen - EP"
Paul Fonfara & The Ipsifendus Orchestra "Magnificent Himaleti" from "Seven Secrets of Snow"
Max Richter "Infra 3" from "Infra"
Takagi Masakatsu "birdland" from "Journal for People"
Motohiro Nakashima "mom piano" from "We Hum on the Way Home"
Gustavo Santaolalla "Bibo no Aozora / Endless Flight / Babel" from "Babel OST"
Riceboy Sleeps "Stokkseyri" from "Riceboy Sleeps"
Guitar "I Dream the Sand" from "Saltykisses"
Ben Woods "as we drift away" from "Moments"