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Lala Lala
The Lamb

Floating Points!

Jun 09, 2017


Hey, everyone! 

The new Floating Points record is out!! We listened to it on the show! It was great! Apparently, the band plans to travel to scenic locations around the world to film videos and record music based on the terrain they encounter, and Reflections - Mojave Desert serves as the project’s first installment. This album was heavily influenced by the way certain sounds bounce off of the rock formations in the Mojave Desert--which is rad, because I grew up in that area and love both Floating Points and cool rocks. Here’s the trailer to the movie; I believe the rest can be found on their YouTube page.

In other (non-instrumental?) news, I’ve been digging the new (Sandy) Alex G record. Here’s a fun little interview he did with Spin. A+!

Until next week,




Jasper TX "Destroy Detroit (The Sign Of Buildings Never Built)" from "A Darkness"
(Sandy) Alex G "rocket" from "Rocket"
Eno • Hyde "Moulded Life" from "High Life"
Do Make Say Think "Greed Waltz" from "Greed Waltz"
Hanno Leichtmann "Fenster" from "Nuit Du Plomb"
Yasushi Miura "kangaroo" from "steps"
Anders Ilar "made for us to love" from "Sworn"
Luga "Sending Triangles" from "Sending Triangles"
Andrew Pekler "Floating Tone" from "Cue"
Grace Cathedral Park "Is It The Hurt You're Drowning In" from "In the Evenings of Regret"
Akira Kosemura & haruka nakamura "azure" from "Afterglow"
Motoro Faam "dancer on a tangent" from "fragments"
Nils Frahm "nils has a new piano" from "Piano Cloud Series (Volume One)"
The Music Tapes "Kolyada #3" from "Mary's Voice"
World Saxophone Quartet "Land of Mystery" from "Moving Right Along"
Heathered Pearls "Peaking" from "single”
Floating Points "Silurian Blue" from "Reflections - Mojave Desert"
Chris Clark "Wolf" from "Empty the Bones of You"
Port Blue "Mr. Chen, Sailmaker" from "The Airship"
Nicole Mitchell "The Chalice" from "Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds"
Pell Mell "Vegetable Kingdom" from "Interstate"
FOUR TET "Spirit Fingers (Live in Copenhagen)" from "Rounds (Special Anniversary Edition)"