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Claire George
Bodies of Water




Posted on 5/31/2013

Today we had Real Numbers playing live on the show. They have a new EP out on Three Dimesnional Records. The playlist this week featured new music from Hot Freaks, Buffalo Sleeper, Robots From The Future, The Shakin' Babies, Kitten Forever, and Marijuana Deathsquads.

Next week's in-studio: OAKS


This Week's Playlist

Artist / Song / Album
HOT FREAKS / Heartache / Single
Some Pulp / WHY / Some Pulp
Cadette / Teething / Teething
Buffalo Sleeper / Brody / Buffalo Sleeper
The Shakin' Babies / Mary Wants To Rock / Stoked Casual
Robots from the Future / Entendres / Entendres
Dada Trash Collage / UP AND DOWN / Can't Pause People - EP
Arm / Astrolab / Universal Standard Time
The Miami Dolphins / Etoile / Miami Dolphins
Huge Rat Attacks / Organic Babies / Organic Babies
Bloodnstuff / Give Me A Call / Bloodnstuff
Strange Relations / Endurance / Ghost World EP
Carnivore Bones / Paper / Single
Gloss / Ian's Dream / Single
Kitten Forever / Famous Friends / Born Ready
SLEEPING IN THE AVIARY / Write On / Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel
Negative Beach / ENOUGH / Single
Strange / Blowback / Strange
Marijuana Deathsquads / Dark Farm / Music Rocks I & II
Dream crusher / dream crush! / dream crush!
Daughters Of The Sun / Light As A Feather / Visions of the Ocean Head
Web of Sunsets / Fools Melodies / 7"
The Flying Dorito Brothers / Older Guys / Single
ENOLA GAY / Babe Rainbow / G.A.Y. Singles
Har Mar Superstar / Late Night Morning Light / Bye Bye 17
OAKS / Field Beat / Field Beat - EP

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