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Posted on 2/8/2013

Today Fury Things did an in-studio performance. They also released their second EP today which can be downloaded on a "name your price" basis from bandcamp here. They are also playing a show at the Kitty Cat Klub on February 19th. We played new music from Orchard Thief and Ugly Motors.

Fury Things Radio K In-studio Polaroid
Vines are cool.

Next week's in-studio: Sometimes Y

This week's playlist:
Artist / Song / Disk
Orchard Thief / Moving Beyond Land / First Dimension Park
Prissy Clerks / Blast-Off Girls / Bruise Or Be Bruised
BUFFALO MOON / Black Magic / Black Magic / Low Tide Moon - Single
Robust Worlds / Heavy Moon / Emotional Planet
Ugly Motors / Robodope / Single
Birthday Suits / Wonderland America / Wonderland America - Single
Leisure Birds / Egyptian Ring / Globe Master
Fury Things / Live In-Studio / Live In-Studio
Ogre Smash Death Boom / Birthday High Five!!! / Ogre Smash Death Boom
Blood and Sun / Our Merciless Master / Blood and Sun
Russian Bride / Foxhound / Foxhound
Caetani / A Shield, a Fire / The Black EP
Bad Bad Hats / IT HURTS / It Hurts
Strange Relations / Ghost World / Single
Bollywood / Young / Young 7"
Carnivore Bones / Paper / Single
ENOLA GAY / Miami Ice / Miami Ice
Lilian & The Harveys / Again (Again) / Lilian & The Harveys EP
Vicious Vicious / I Know U Know I Know / Vicious Vicious
The Flying Dorito Brothers / Older Guys / Single
Tickle Torture / Lovesickness / Spiritual Machete - EP
The Sleaze / Called You Once / Called You Once
Dada Trash Collage / UP AND DOWN / UP And DOWN - Single
Bora York / Open Tales / Open Tales - Single

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