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Posted on 5/31/2013

Today we had Real Numbers playing live on the show. They have a new EP out on Three Dimesnional Records. The playlist this week featured new music from Hot Freaks, Buffalo Sleeper, Robots From The Future, The Shakin' Babies, Kitten Forever, and Marijuana Deathsquads.

Next week's in-studio: OAKS


This Week's Playlist

Artist / Song / Album
HOT FREAKS / Heartache / Single
Some Pulp / WHY / Some Pulp
Cadette / Teething / Teething
Buffalo Sleeper / Brody / Buffalo Sleeper
The Shakin' Babies / Mary Wants To Rock / Stoked Casual
Robots from the Future / Entendres / Entendres
Dada Trash Collage / UP AND DOWN / Can't Pause People - EP
Arm / Astrolab / Universal Standard Time
The Miami Dolphins / Etoile / Miami Dolphins
Huge Rat Attacks / Organic Babies / Organic Babies
Bloodnstuff / Give Me A Call / Bloodnstuff
Strange Relations / Endurance / Ghost World EP
Carnivore Bones / Paper / Single
Gloss / Ian's Dream / Single
Kitten Forever / Famous Friends / Born Ready
SLEEPING IN THE AVIARY / Write On / Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel
Negative Beach / ENOUGH / Single
Strange / Blowback / Strange
Marijuana Deathsquads / Dark Farm / Music Rocks I & II
Dream crusher / dream crush! / dream crush!
Daughters Of The Sun / Light As A Feather / Visions of the Ocean Head
Web of Sunsets / Fools Melodies / 7"
The Flying Dorito Brothers / Older Guys / Single
ENOLA GAY / Babe Rainbow / G.A.Y. Singles
Har Mar Superstar / Late Night Morning Light / Bye Bye 17
OAKS / Field Beat / Field Beat - EP

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Posted on 5/10/2013

Today we had Crimes in for an in-studio. Their album release show is tonight at Icehouse with Rupert Angeleyes. Our playlist this week featured new songs from Bookhouse, The Cloak Ox, Enemy Planes, and Some Pulp.



Don't forget about the Round Robin In-studio Power Hour next Friday at 3:30. 5 bands will be taking turns playing songs for an hour live on air: Teenage Moods, Tickle Torture, Night Moves, Hollow Boys, and Nice Purse. For more info, check out the Facebook event.


This week's playlist:

Artist / Song / Album
Bookhouse / Fire, Walk With Me / Ghostwood
Crunchy Kids / Nash Money / Mint
The Pinsch / Mini Skirt / Inside Jokes For Outside People
Heavy Deeds / One Drum / Light Lunch EP
THE CLOAK OX / Josephine / Single
Total Trash / Communist Eyes / You Don't Try
Crimes / Live In-Studio / Live In-Studio
Carroll / Lead Balloon / Needs - EP
BUFFALO MOON / Quemame Quemate / Machista
Ex Nuns / Crash Meditation / 7"
Enemy Planes / We Want Blood / We Want Blood
Nice Purse / Radical Roses / Slumbergirls
Tickle Torture / Lovesickness / Spiritual Machete - EP
NIGHT MOVES / Headlights / Colored Emotions
The Miami Dolphins / Etoile / Live at 7th St. Entry, 3-14-13
Umami / Nails / Single
Rabbit Holes / It's Not Alright / Single
Some Pulp / Why / Some Pulp
Velvet Davenport / Warmy Personal Routine / Warmy Girls
R O N I A / Shadow / Single
Hildur Victoria / DIAMOND EYES / Herringbone - EP

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Posted on 5/3/2013

Today we had Heavy Deeds  in for an in-studio performance! They will be having a release show for their Light Lunch LP next Friday, May 10 at the Turf Club along with Leisure Birds and Is/Is. We also had Andrew from MJMJ Records on the show to talk about the future of the local tape label and to play a few tracks of of the recently released full-length from Psymun & Damancha. Their release show will be on May 18 at the Kitty Cat Klub. We also played new material from Umami, Rabbit Holes, and Moonstone Continuum.

Heavy Deeds Radio K In-Studio Polaroid
Mystical. Smile Rock.

Next week's in-studio: Crimes


This week's playlist:

Umami / Nails / Single
Teenage Strangler / Ancient Fire / Ancient Fire b/w Hot Nightmare - Single
Tree Blood / Toe Cancer / Single
The Suburbs / Love Is The Law / Ladies and Gentlemen, the Suburbs Have Left the Bulding
Rabbit Holes / It's Not Alright / Single
THE GOONDAS / Autorotica / Dog Show
Marijuana Deathsquads / Bad Boy Masterpiece / Single
Heavy Deeds / In-studio / In-studio
Crimes / Cloud Creep / Thin Sunlight
The Real Numbers / Ordeal / Only Two Can Play
Dakota Bones / Soka / Soka
Dakota Bones / Dracula's Castle / Dracula's Castle
Vacation Dad / 2 The End Of Love / 2 The End Of Love
Psymun & Damacha / Hyperghosts / Serious Sauce Vol. 3
Psymun & Damacha / Flight ft. K.Raydio / Serious Sauce Vol. 3
Psymun / Lobbymusic ft. K.Raydio / Lobbymusic ft. K.Raydio
Lewis / Summer Night (Breeze) / Summer Night (Breeze)
Chatham Rise / GONE / No One EP
Moonstone Continuum / Smooth Odyssey / Smooth Odyssey
Tickle Torture / FORGOTTEN / Spiritual Machete - EP

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Posted on 4/19/2013

On this week's show we had Greg Grease in for an in-studio session. He'll be performing tomorrow for Record Store Day at the Electric Fetus and Fifth Element,in addition to his show at Dakota Jazz Club tomorrow night. The playlist also featured new music from Beat Detectives, Gospel Gossip, Rodeo Night, Negative Beach, Crunchy Kids and Proofreader.

Speaking of Record Store Day, Radio K will be at Yeti Records Mobile Shop (at Modern Times Cafe) spinning tunes and handing out lotsa free stuff all day. More info here. Come say hey!




Greg Grease Radio K In-studio



Next week's in-studio: Marijuana Deathsquads

This week's playlist:

Artist / Song / Album
Beat Detectives / Deep Web / Casual Encounters of the Third Kind
Serenghetto / Filler / Filler
Glow Mechanics / Business Casual / Introducing...
Bollywood / Young / Ok Animal - EP
Gospel Gossip / 4th of July / Gospel Gossip
The Real Numbers / Ordeal / Only Two Can Play
Total Trash / Communist Eyes / You Don't Try
Rodeo Night / Hitched / El Guapo
THE GOONDAS / Autorotica / Dog Show
The Word Party / Present Progressive / Single
Crimes / Thrifty Vultures / Thin Sunlight
Web of Sunsets / Fool's Melodies / Fool's Melodies 7"
Proofreader / Zero Squared / Single
Rupert Angeleyes / The Saddest Song In The World / When The Sangria Dies
Ex Nuns / Dead of Zero / 7"
The Ericksons / Gone Blind / The Wild
Negative Beach / Enough / Single
R O N I A / Slow Daze / Single
Crunchy Kids / Nash Money / Crunchy Kids
Wiping Out Thousands / EVENING / Single
Animal Lover / Patience / Animal Lover 7"
Leisure Birds / Polynesian Triangle / Copper Scroll
Sans Caballo / No Horse / Single
ELITE GYMNASTICS / If U Love Me / If U Love Me

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Posted on 4/12/2013

Busy show today! We had Web of Sunsets in for an in-studio. They are playing a 7" release show on Thursday the 18th at Eagle's Club. During the second half of the show we had Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal come in and do a guest DJ set. Zoo Animal is playing tonight at Icehouse with Sun Gods To Gamma Rays. Our playlist this week featured a brand new song from The Goondas.

Also! If you haven't heard, we'll be having a Round Robin In-studio Power Hour on the May 17th episode of Off The Record. For more info on what it's all about, check out the Facebook event here.

Web of Sunsets Radio K In-Studio Polaroid

Next week's in-studio: Greg Grease

Today's Playlist:

Artist / Song / Album
THE GOONDAS / Autorotica / Dog Show
NALLO / KIN / Drugs For The Kids
Nice Purse / Dilly Barchords / Slumber Girls
Phantom Vibration / Sapience / Aged EP
Psymun / l.o.v.i.n. / purple crush
Bora York / Open Tales / Single
Daymoths / Terrible Beauty / Single
OAKS / Field Beat / Field Beat - EP
Ex Nuns / Dead of Zero / 7"

Holly's DJ set:
Zoo Animal / Gravedigger / Single
Caetani / A Shield, a Fire / The Black EP
Village Industry / White Elephants / White Elephants
Weird Visions feat. Zoo Animal / Too Hot / Weird Visions
Caetani / Blame It On Me / The Black EP
Zoo Animal / Dark Dirt / Dark Dirt

Tree Blood / Toe Cancer / Single
Heavy Deeds / One Drum / Light Lunch EP
Prissy Clerks / Blast-Off Girls / Bruise Or Be Bruised
Regal Treats / Don't Worry Babe / Gimme
The Ericksons / Gone Blind / The Wild
Tickle Torture / Lovesickness / Spiritual Machete - EP

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Posted on 3/8/2013

Today we had a beautiful in-studio session with The Ericksons. They'll be playing Sunday night at the Turf Club. Music starts at 9. We played a whole bunch of new music today, including Ex Nuns, Sans Caballo, Hunting Club, and a new single from Wiping Out Thousands. Next week Chase and I will both be down in Austin for SXSW, but don't fear! Off The Record will still be happening with awesome guest DJs Tom & Dylan and an in-studio from Bora York so be sure to tune in!


This week's playlist:

Hunting Club / Magic Bullet / Single
Aby Wolf & Grant Cutler / Stay Right There / Wolf Lords
The Co-Op / The Truth / The Co-Op
Teenage Moods / Rock Man / Grow
Wiping Out Thousands / Evening / Single
Carnivore Bones / Paper / Single
Fury Things / Harsh / EP 2
The Ericksons / Live In-Studio / Live In-Studio
No Bird Sing / Afterlife Insurance / Theft of the Commons
Bear The Sound / Fenenga Bridge / Single
Carroll / Lead Balloon / Needs - EP
Sorry OK / A New Song / Carry
Ex Nuns / Dead of Zero / 7"
InBOIL / Chinese Food / The Hippest Kid In School
Vats / From Drum / From Drum
Bollywood / Hyoking / Ok Animal - EP
Sans Caballo / No Horse / Single
Gloss / Ian's Dream / Single
Bora York / Open Tales / Single
Walker Kong / Bodies / Phazes of Light
The Sleaze / Called You Once / Single
Chicane Theory / Happily After / Happily After
Typewriter Drum Solo / Midnight Beat / Nuclear Hipshake Hotel Bar
Heavy Deeds / Wrong Number / Light Lunch EP

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Posted on 12/21/2012

Today we had France Camp play live in Studio K! They will be playing our Gigawatt: Recount 2012 showcase TONIGHT at Hell's Kitchen along with Crimes and Prissy Clerks. Doors at 10, 18+. Come celebrate the end of the world with Radio K! It will also be your last chance to vote for your favorite albums of 2012 for Radio K's Top 77 poll! We will countdown the results all day next Friday, ending right before Off The Record.

France Camp Radio K In-studio Polaroid

Up, up and away.

Next week's in-studio: Golden Bubbles

Next week will on Off The Record, we will countdown our favorite Off The Record in-studios from 2012 along with our favorite local albums. Matt Latterell will be on the show to talk about how he got 69 local musicians together to cover The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs, the compilation is entitled Absolutely Cuckoo.

This week's playlist including new music from: STNNNG, Duck Duck Punch, and The Ericksons

Artist / Song / Disk
STNNNG / Braindumb / Single
Brute Heart / WildFire / Single
Strange Relations / Ghost World / Single
Vacation Dad / Dos Amigos / Single
The Ericksons / Where Do You Dwell / The Wild
Panther Ray / Picture This / Single
Huge Rat Attacks / Organic Babies / Single
France Camp / Live In-Studio / Live In-Studio
R O N I A / Slow Daze / Single
Crimes / Modernized / Good Hope
Prissy Clerks / Bruise or Be Bruised / Bruise Or Be Bruised
Carroll / Sticks / Single
Food Pyramid and Roy Orb D.MT / WindSong / Arp Navigators
Worryers / Hair / Hair
Duck Duck Punch / RGB / Single
Myrrh / Track 02 / Hymns
Regal Treats / Happy Everyday / Happy Everyday
Jake Westin / Don't Leave / Wears His Heart On His Sleeve
Moonstone / Erotic Banquet / Erotic Banquet
Greg Grease / C.R.E.A.M. Dreams / Cornbread, Pearl & G
Tickle Torture / Together Again / Single
Mixed Blood Majority / Fine Print / Single

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