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Posts tagged "independent"


Posted on 3/1/2013

Dada Trash Collage performed in-studio today. He is having his album release show tonight at Icehouse. Music at 11:00pm, 12+. We had new music from Hollow Boys, Bear The Sound, and The Co-op.

Dada Trash Collage Radio K In-Studio Polaroid

Good job.

Next Week's In-studio: The Ericksons


This week's playlist:

 HOLLOW BOYS "Hater" from "Single"
 Mother of Fire "SMOKE" from "Feral Children"
 Caetani "A Shield, a Fire" from "The Black EP"
 BRUTE HEART "There Are Spirits" from "There Are Spirits"
 Bear The Sound "Fenenga Bridge" from "Fenenga Bridge"
 Orchard Thief "Moving Beyond Land" from "First Dimension Park"
 Sorry OK "Fish" from "Carry"
 Daymoths "Terrible Beauty" from "Single"
 R O N I A "Slow Daze" from "Single"
 Radiator Girls "Eerie Body" from "Radiators Girls"
 The Ericksons "Where Do You Dwell" from "The Wild"
 Jake Westin "Don't Leave" from "Wears His Heart On His Sleeve"
 Humanda "Paul Bunyan's Playhouse Fire" from "Single"
 Robust Worlds "Best Wishes" from "Emotional Planet"
 Carnivore Bones "Paper" from "Single"
 TEENAGE MOODS "Grow" from "Grow"
 Strange Relations "Endurance" from "Ghost World EP"
 Bollywood "Hyoking" from "Ok Animal EP"
 JOHN MAUS "BELIEVER" from "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves"
 The Co-Op "The Truth" from "The Co-Op"
 Fury Things "Glasgow" from "Glasgow"
 Stnnng "Long Middle" from "Empire Inward"
 Myotis "Bad Habit" from "Myotis"
 Cepia "Dowry" from "Dowry - EP"

Tags: dada trash collage local music independent college radio otr off the record


Posted on 2/8/2013

Today Fury Things did an in-studio performance. They also released their second EP today which can be downloaded on a "name your price" basis from bandcamp here. They are also playing a show at the Kitty Cat Klub on February 19th. We played new music from Orchard Thief and Ugly Motors.

Fury Things Radio K In-studio Polaroid
Vines are cool.

Next week's in-studio: Sometimes Y

This week's playlist:
Artist / Song / Disk
Orchard Thief / Moving Beyond Land / First Dimension Park
Prissy Clerks / Blast-Off Girls / Bruise Or Be Bruised
BUFFALO MOON / Black Magic / Black Magic / Low Tide Moon - Single
Robust Worlds / Heavy Moon / Emotional Planet
Ugly Motors / Robodope / Single
Birthday Suits / Wonderland America / Wonderland America - Single
Leisure Birds / Egyptian Ring / Globe Master
Fury Things / Live In-Studio / Live In-Studio
Ogre Smash Death Boom / Birthday High Five!!! / Ogre Smash Death Boom
Blood and Sun / Our Merciless Master / Blood and Sun
Russian Bride / Foxhound / Foxhound
Caetani / A Shield, a Fire / The Black EP
Bad Bad Hats / IT HURTS / It Hurts
Strange Relations / Ghost World / Single
Bollywood / Young / Young 7"
Carnivore Bones / Paper / Single
ENOLA GAY / Miami Ice / Miami Ice
Lilian & The Harveys / Again (Again) / Lilian & The Harveys EP
Vicious Vicious / I Know U Know I Know / Vicious Vicious
The Flying Dorito Brothers / Older Guys / Single
Tickle Torture / Lovesickness / Spiritual Machete - EP
The Sleaze / Called You Once / Called You Once
Dada Trash Collage / UP AND DOWN / UP And DOWN - Single
Bora York / Open Tales / Open Tales - Single

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