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Emily's Favorite Local Albums of 2013

Jan 06, 2014

My Top 13 of 2013



Emily's Top 13 of 2013: Local Album Releases

Absolutely unranked. 

  • Marijuana Deathsquads - "Oh My Sexy Lord"
  • Some Pulp - "S/T"
  • Sun Gods to Gamma Rays - "The Water, The Wave"
  • Tree Blood - "S/T"
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Bye Bye 17"
  • Hollow Boys - "It's True"
  • Shakin' Babies - "Stoked Casual"
  • Kitten Forever - "Pressure"
  • Lizzo - "Lizzobangers"
  • Polica - "Shulamith"
  • Grant Hart - "The Argument"
  • BNLX  "Produit Collecté"
  • Gloss - "Between Themselves"

Other Faves: Frankie Teardrop - "Tough Guy", Bad Bad Hats - "It Hurts", Dessa - "Parts of Speech"

As a myriad other local music critics have noted, it's been exceptionally tough to compile any sort of meaningful year-end-list that doesn't exclude any of the exceptionally good new music we've heard this year.  This is a tiny list of favorites.  It's by no means exlcusive.  Keep on killin' it, MSP and beyond.