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Snail Mail

Erase the Ego

Aug 21, 2015


Ego Death dropped in to play some new tracks off their brand spankin new self-titled LP before heading to the Kitty Cat Klub last saturday to show the rest of Minneapolis. I highly suggest listening to “The Kiss.” I can’t help but think of a more vibrant Joy Division when I hear this song. Maybe you caught it at the release show? You can alway call us and let us know.

Andrew of Har-di-Har joined us to talk about Grounds and Sounds that took place on Saturday. If you went out to check it out, I’m sure it was great hear RONiiA, Nalo and Tabah.  

In other news we have two in-studios next week! Yea that’s right, most of the show will consist of live music. Candid Kid and the master of looping, LOTT, will be joining us. Maybe you’ve been into LOTT’s “Parking On The Grass” that was on our most recent K Local. I hear she’s got some big plans in the near future. Come hang with us and find out. I (Aaron) will be happily returning.


  1.  Devata Daun "I've Been Here Before" from "I've Been Here Before - Single"
  2. Bruise Violet "Maybe You're the Problem" from "Live From Studio K!!!"
  3. Perfume Monster "Bad" from "Single"
  4. Bae Tigre "I'm a Tiger" from "Single"
  5. Breakaway "At a Time" from "Postcarious" on Breakaway
  6. Ego Death "Performing LIVE In Studio K!" from "Performing LIVE In Studio K!"
  7. Straya "Richard Baggins" rom "K Local"
  8. Human Kindness "20 years" from "Not Apathetic"
  9. RONiiA "Last Words" from "RONiiA" on Totally Gross National Product
  10. Eustace The Dragon "Miss" from "Single"
  11. Tabah "Myth" from "Time Will Come" on Tabah
  12. NALLO "La Vista" from "Single"
  13. Nomenclatures "Broken French" from "Broken French"
  14. Guante & Katrah-Quey "White People On Twitter" from "Single"
  15. Yoni Yum "SMOKE BEER BRAHJ" from "Single"
  16. Wretch "Salsa Con Carnage" from "Wretch"
  17. Lizzo "Be Still" from "Lizzobangers" on Totally Gross National Product
  18. Marijuana Deathsquads "Stacks" from "Oh My Sexy Lord" on Totally Gross National Product
  19. BOYF "Love Like a Hubble" from "White Boyfriend"