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Feb. 28, 2014

Mar 04, 2014

An in-studio with Lovely Dark, tons of brand new music and old favorites, and we went crazy with Prince because K-Starter kicked ass!


This Week's In-Studio: Lovely Dark

Not only did Minneapolis folk-rock sixtet, Lovely Dark, bring two drummers into Studio K, but they also brought an accomplished set of folk meets indie rock tunes from their latests album Into the Roil. With songs named after cards from the game Magic the Gathering, the band's third full length tells thoughtful stories inspired by nature, people, and human relationships. Sonia (vocals) and Travis Even (guitar, vocals) wrote the majority of the songs as a husband and wife team. They bring stripped down melodies and riffs to the band who then turns them into the intense, full-fleshed pieces you hear on the album. This time around, the band also included a theme of cycles: the cycles of the earth, cycles of the seasons, and, the cyclical process of writing an album, releasing it, and starting all over again. Even the album art continues this theme, with an Ouroboros, or a snake eating itself and the snake around the little boy's neck (which happens to be a photo of drummer Ben Johnston). Lovely Dark has come along way since their inception as a band, and it certainly shows on the new album, as well as during their latest in-studio with Off the Record (I think at this point we can call them veterans of Studio K). 

Check out this rad music video for the title track, "Into the Roil"



This Week's Playlist


Astronomique “Shaded Gray” from Single  NEW!

Orchyd “Pork” from Pork - Single on © Rainik Records

Suburbs “Love Is The Law” from love is the law

Bouncer Fighter “Garbagemen of the Galaxy” from K Local

THE GOONDAS “Dog Show” from Dog Show on The Goondas

L'assassins “GO!” from L'Assassins S/T EP on Monet Wong

Vats “Lodge” from iridescent intent on MJ MJ RECORDS

Lovely Dark “LIVE IN STUDIO K!” from Live In-Studio

Fury Things “Leave Winter Behind” from Single

BNLX “Vibrant” from BNLX

Dead Gurus “Serpent Fire” from Single NEW!

K. Raydio & Psymun “MOONSHINE” from Live In Studio K 10-16-13

DOOMTREE “Beacon” from No Kings on Doomtree Records

Condominium “Carl” from Carl - Single on SUB POP RECORDS

Black Diet “Unbroke” from Single

Lifter Puller “Nice, Nice” from Fiestas & Fiascos (Deluxe Reissue Version) on LFTR PLLR

12 Rods “One Thing Does Not Belong” from Lost Time on EMI

Birthday Suits “We Ain't Loser Dogs” from Cherry Blue on Nice & Neat Records

The Vanishing Spies “Science Fiction Eyes” from The Map Is Not The Territory on Rotisserie Records NEW!

Mel Gibson and the Pants “Where It Hurts” from Sea Vs. Shining Sea on Totally Gross National Product

Cloud Cult “MAN ON THE MOON” from The Live On the Sun on Earthology Records

Greg Grease “C.R.E.A.M. Dreams” from C.R.E.A.M. Dreams

PRINCE “LET'S GO CRAZY” from The Hits Vol. 1

In honor of our K-Starter campaing, we tried to put together the most ecclectic mix of local music in order to satisy all you listeners' needs. With classics from bands like 12 Rods and Lifter Puller, current favorites likes Black Diet and Vats, brand spankin' new music from Astronomique (includes members from Satellite Voices), Dead Gurus (members of Is/Is and Magic Castles), and The Vanishing Spies, and, of course, PRINCE, we hope we melted your hearts and caressed your ears, especially since


Thanks so much to all of you who tune into Off the Record every week, and who put on Radio K every time you want to listen to the radio. We truly appreciate all you guys do for us!


Next Week: 

Chatham Rise

An In-Studio with Chatham Rise