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Snail Mail

Jan. 17, 2014

Jan 21, 2014

An in-studio with Human Kindness plus your usual dose of the newest local music.

Human Kindness

This Week's In-Studio: Human Kindness

Fresh off the release (like, seriously fresh. They put it out the day before their session here) of their debut EP You Are So Loud That I Want to Die, Minneapolis band Human Kindness joined us in-studio with their post-hardcore, emo jams that i've heard be compared to early Titus Andronicus. The band stars David (vocals, bass), Alex (guitar), Josh (drums) and Willem (not really in the band.... just kidding. He plays guitar), a group of young dudes who are serious about their music, but not too serious.--they're pretty serious about being funny as often as possible (as you'll know if you caught the in-studio). For example, the name of the EP comes from the frontman, David's, tendencies to sit in bars and yell drunkenly about all the things he's going to do with his life (like finish this EP, which may or may not have ended up taking way longer than he announced repeatedly). And, if you ever get your hands on a cassette (they'll be ready at a later, unspecified date), read the liner notes; it's an essay by David pouring over with dry humor. But all jokes aside the band put a lot of the work into the EP, self-recording in Josh's basement usually with duct taped equipment, no mic stands, and guitars sans all six strings, with mics and amps set up in a room that houses kitty litter boxes. Vocals and overdubs were done in a bathroom, and Alex mixed/mastered everything. It was a long process and a rewarding learning experience ("Don't do it" as Josh said during the interview, half jokingly?), but if you listen to the EP, you probably won't be able to tell that they recorded everything with shoddy instruments. They're working on setting up a release show, but in the meantime check out the EP here: 

This Week's Playlist: 

BUFFALO MOON “Quemame Quemate” from Machista

Rupert Angeleyes “High Class U.S.A.” from When The Sangria Dies

Prissy Clerks “Bruise of Be Bruised” from Radio K In-Studio

The Sex Rays “Poison” from Single

Cabo “Tammy” from Single  NEW!

Bouncer Fighter “Smokin' Drugs With Jesus” from Re-Animator Presents Bouncer Fighter "Satirical Spirituals"  Re-Issue!

Sister Sister “Rent Boy” from Anti-Cult

SUICIDE COMMANDOS “Burn It Down” from Burn It Down

Stnnng “Empire Inward” from Live In-Studio 2/13 Local

Human Kindness “LIVE In-Studio” from Live in Studio K

Lifter Puller “Candy's Room” from Fiestas & Fiascos (Deluxe Reissue Version)

Diver Dress “DRUGS” from Diver Dress

Dosh “Death Set” from Milk Money 

Claps “LIES” from Lies/White Lies EP

Brilliant Beast “Nepotism Shakes” from Where Do You Want 

Condominium “Carl” from Carl - Single

Awesome Snakes “Shut Up!!” from Venom 

Bear The Sound “Cedar Roots” from Single  NEW!

Vacation Dad “Grande Gordo” from L I V I N EP

The Lovely Dark “Dark Heart of the Wood” from Single NEW! Exculsive premier on Off the Record

OAKS “Field Beat” from Field Beat - EP 

Orchyd “Pork” from Pork - Single NEW!

Prgrphs “Tumultuous Rendezvous” from You're Ridiculous (I Love You) NEW!

France Camp “YR LEATHER” from France Camp 

Vats “Lodge” from iridescent intent


There was a ton of new singles this week from Bear the Sound, The Lovely Dark (who will be joining us in-studio at the end of February), and Orchyd, a new band that reminds me of A. Wolf & Her Claws or a darker, goth St. Vincent. They'll have an album out in March, along with Bear the Sound. Prgrphs also released their new album You're Ridiculous (I Love You) at a 331 Club Show Friday with Tungsten and Straya, and will be coming in on the 31st of this month. 

Tons of great local music shows happened this week as well. In honor of Ecstattic Studios Re-Animator series presents: Bouncer Fighter's Satirical Spirituals, Ali Jafaar put together a show at the Belmore New Skyway Lounge Friday Night that also included the cassette release of Cabo, the solo project of Caleb from Bouncer Fighter. This was Bouncer Fighter's first show in something like two years, and the americana-hardcore band was surely missed. Sister Sister (the rarely seen sludge metal band of Ali and Cole Benson from Hollow Boys) also played the show. 

Vacation Dad and Vats played a show Saturday night with Mutual Benefit of New York. I wanted to catch that show but instead went to Condominium and Scaphe at the Seward Cafe, which was the craziest show I think I've ever been to. Condominium played extremely well (of course), closing off with the ever-famous "Carl" from their 7-inch out on Sup Pop. If I'm not mistaken they'll be putting out a full length sometime this year. Scaphe was equally incredible--absolutely crazy--but incredible. That was the first show where I felt like my ears would bleed if I didn't use earplugs, and well, this was the set list: 

Scaphe setlist

Yes, they played 39 songs for two hours straight. I'm really not exaggerating when I say it was insane. 

If you're bummed that you missed out on these great local shows, there's another one tomorrow night (Wednesday the 22nd) at the 7th St. Entry with Mr. Hide, Mary Allen and the Percolators, and the Sex Rays. It's gonna be super rad psych allllll night. 


Next Week...



It was once a solo project, now it's not. Tune in Friday at 3pm to find out more........