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Jan. 24, 2014

Jan 26, 2014

An in-studio with Vats and your weekly new music fix

 Vats-Irredescent Intent


This Week's In-Studio


Vats in the solo project of Ronnie Lee, a multi-instrumentalist and local music scene veteran who has played in countless bands around the Twin Cities including Is-Is, The Miami Dolphins, Cereal Wizard, and Regal Treats. He recently released his first full-length album, Iridescent Intent, on local label MJ MJ Records. The new record marks a departure from his previous one-man show-- he now includes a live band.  Backing him in-studio were MJ MJ label man Vacation Dad (aka Andrew Todryk), Gordon Byrd (Teenage Moods, Regal Treats), and Tony Amerman.

Iridescent Intent is a short-but-sweet killer LP of lo-fi, shoegazing, ambient psych.  Amazingly, the entire album was recorded and mixed by Lee in Joshua Tree while touring with Is-Is last summer. To quote Todryk, "I'm pretty sure Ronnie Lee is one of the most important musicians that no one really knows about". We hope that changes.


The new album is available for download and on limited edition cassette.


Vats is playing an album release show with France Camp and American Cream at the Hexagon Bar next Saturday, 2/1. Doors 7pm  21+



This Week's Playlist


Kitty Rhombus “Gentle Shotgun” from Single

The Miami Dolphins “Fruit Salad” from Live in Studio K: 11.25.2011

THE REPLACEMENTS “I Hate Music” from Sorry Ma! Forgot to Take Out the Trash! on Ryko/Rhino

Ex Nuns “No Dice” from Radio K In-Studio

Human Kindness “Prescription Drugs” from You Are So Loud That I Want To Die

Frankie Teardrop “CHICAGO” from Tough Guy

BUFFALO MOON “Amor de Lojos” from Machista

Gloss “RACHEL” from Between Themselves - EP on Forged Artifacts

Vats “Live In Studio K!!!” from Live In Studio K!!!

Chatham Rise “Hollows” from Chatham Rise on Picture In My Ear

Cabo “Tammy” from Single

Deleter “Kings and Queens of Sympathy” from In-Studio 10/6/2013

Bear The Sound “Cedar Roots” from Single on Carroll

Web of Sunsets “Call Moon” from In Studio 4-12-13

Heavy Deeds “Lite Lunch” from in-studio 5/3/13

Lovely Dark “Dark Heart of the Wood” from Single

Pony Bwoy “Crystal Ball” from Pony Bwoy on Totally Gross National Product

Vacation Dad “Uno Mas” from L I V I N on MJ MJ RECORDS

Moonstone Continuum “Elevator to the Hot Tub” from Salon Edition on Totally Gross National Product

Monster Club “ANOTHER LIFE” from Sleepwalk - EP on Monsterclub

K.Raydio & Psymun “MOONSHINE” from LucidDreamingSkylines on K.Raydio & Psymun

Bollywood “Loot” from Single

PETER WOLF CRIER “Crutch & Cane” from Radio K at SXSW

MARK MALLMAN “Love Look At You” from The Red Bedroom on Guilt Ridden Pop

Prgrphs “Last Words: Kurt Russell” from You're Ridiculous (I Love You) on Plastic Leonard Music


New Music

Kitty Rhombus "Gentle Shotgun"

A single off their forthcoming sophomore LP Spectre at the Feast slated for release 3/2. 


Human Kindness  "Prescription Drugs"   

A new track off this fledgling band's just-released album, You're So Loud That I Want to Die.



Up Next Friday


Tune in for more great local music and a live in-studio with Prgrphs!


Prgrphs-You're Ridiculous (I Love You)