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An Off The Record Blog???

May 20, 2017

Art-a-Whirl weekend edition


I’ve wanted to write blogs for Off the Record for a while, but never quite got to it. It’s summer now and although my brain still feels fried from classes, I’ll get into this whole ‘blogging’ thing in my free time.

First things first, we had Neon Blaque perform an in-studio! It was a busy day for them, between them putting out a new album and playing a show at the 331 Club to open up Art-A-Whirl. Their session will be up next week, so if you missed it, stay tuned~~~

Speaking of Art-A-Whirl, holy cow! Art-A-Whirl is this weekend!! That means there are so many things going on, and since this is going up today, Saturday, you may have already missed some of it. Not to worry, there are plenty of good showcases that have plenty of great local bands playing going on today and tomorrow. If you love local music, you definitely have to get out there. If you’re curious about local shows, here’s your chance to start hitting some up. Even if you hate local music, which I doubt you do because why would you read this blog if you hated local music, I still recommend that you get out there because you’ll find out that you actually love having a plethora of talent RIGHT in your backyard. I’ll link an Art-A-Whirl schedule that was posted on City Pages right here. Also there are some shows missing from that schedule that I want y’all to know about, so I’ll post those below.

In other news, our session with Lunch Duchess is up!! They are so great!! Check it out, you won’t regret it, y’all.

Until next week,

-- Sylvia


Upcoming shows: 

Burn Fetish & Larry Wish // Grumpy’s Bar & Grill // 5.20

Ayvah, Sass, Speedweed, & Tact // Reverie // 5.21

Symone Smash It & City Counselor // honey mpls // 5.21

Early Eyes with Sass & The Happy Children // 7th St Entry // 5.25 

Beasthead with MAKR & Cool Pollution // Icehouse // 5.25

Willa Rae & TMA, The Florists, Sauna Accident, Harpers Jar // (secret location) // 5.25 

SFTB, Ayvah, Larry Wish, Echomaker, Chucc Lagün // The Gallery // 5.26

Burn Fetish, Karate Break, Muscle Beach, Speedweed // Hexagon // 5.26


  • Neon Blaque “Pinnacle” K Local April 2017
  • Pho “Dew Like Me” Two
  • Roma Di Luna “mars” Then The Morning Came
  • Mixed Blood Majority “still Standing Still” Mixed Blood Majority
  • Monica LaPlante “Do That to Me” Noir
  • The Coax “Summer Bummer” Total Drag
  • Wetter “The Big Disappointment” Nervous Breakthroughs
  • 4th Curtis “Everything's Gone Wrong” I won the pageant
  • Har Mar Superstar “How Did I Get Through the Day?” Best Summer Ever
  • Haley Bonar “No Sensitive Man” Last War
  • Gramma's Boyfriend “We R Ctrl” The Human Eye
  • Good Doom “Love Cults” New Shapes for You
  • Night Moves “Carl Sagan” Pennied Days
  • Zuluzuluu “What's the Price” What's the Price
  • Communist Daughter “Speed of sound” Lions & Lambs EP
  • Caroline Smith “Kind of Man” Half About Being A Woman
  • Kitten Forever “Cannon” 7 Hearts
  • Royal Brat “virgin” Single
  • Murf “I'd Buy That for a Dollar” K Local
  • Chalk “i know” Water
  • Catbath “jellyfish” Nervous Breakthroughs
  • Fury Things “some things” Vhs
  • Dem Atlas “candy” DWNR
  • Graveyard Club “cellar door (Live on Radio K)” In-Studio 8/19/2016
  • The Chinchees “Your Life Is a Waiting Room” The Chinchees
  • Marijuana Deathsquads “Stacks” Oh My Sexy Lord