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SKSW Guest Blog: Black Diet

Mar 13, 2014

Black Diet *feels* the 18 hour drive down 35 & falls in love w/ a girl in a Radio K shirt. Their word of advice: RSVP

Well. Today we failed. To be fair, we were all just coming off of that classic 18 hour Mpls to Austin drive, and we felt like unclean sinners. In order to remedy that feeling, we headed to St. Roch’s, an establishment that served as our rendezvous point last year. It was fun and an exercise in nostalgia. I came down here last year with Trevor from Southside Desire/Pinata records, and it was great to come back down, band in tow. Thanks!

We headed downtown around 8 with no formal plan, which is a cardinal sin at this event. If you think you’re going to stumble into an amazing band, make lifelong friends, and find true love, you’re mistaken. NONE OF THAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU DON’T RSVP! Thus we wandered. We stopped at White Horse, where Pat Tom and the Rank Outsiders were playing. The singer looked to be in 60s, and he was all about not losing. Fan. We moseyed directly into the beast (Downtown. Handle Bar) to check out the Enemy Planes set, because I love Casey and Shon, and I wanted to touch them.

Whilst en route, we ran into someone with a Radio K tshirt. I screamed “RADIO K’! Then she yelled “BLACK DIET”! She was a beacon in the night. I love her. Not too many blocks after, I saw Actual Wolf on 6th and Red River.  I felt a little silly, cause I called his stage name out to him. But then we talked a good amount, and I think we might be friends now. We tweeted each other.

The Enemy Planes set was stellar. They played like they had something to prove. Hopefully I can catch another set before we’re out of here. We shuffled back out onto the street and played the aimless wandering game. It paid off! We ran into Sonny Knight and The Lakers, who’d just finished what I’m sure was a very good set.  I was hoping they were down for some revelry, but then they vanished into the gaping maw that is 6th street.

The rest of our night involved hugging Mitch a lot, accidentally breaking a not in use wheelchair, fretting over our Friday set, and walking 45 minutes through Austin’s side streets on our way home.

Today will be more music filled. It’s early, we’re up, and we have many plans.


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