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SKSW Guest Blog: The Cloak Ox pt.2

Mar 14, 2014

The Cloak Ox updates on the Totally Gross National Product Showcase & spot Macaulay Culkin eating pizza. Also, Andrew Broder goes gaga for DJ Rashad

Dear Radio K,

    Last night we played our first set of the festival, at our label Totally Gross National Product's showcase at The North Door. I had a wonderful time. I went for a walk before doors opened to soak up some of the street scene down here and while it is definitely not my thing, I came to a certain peace with the situation, realizing that my job down here is pretty easy. All I have to do is play music three times and keep myself fed and hydrated in between that. It occurred to me that I have the option not to worry or partake in any of the ridiculous, corporate or otherwise unsavory parts of this big mess down here and I can just exist. I felt free for a little while.
So we played our music for the nice folks, and hung out with the nice folks and drank a beer and ate a taco and did all the things. Piece of cake. Marijuana Deathsquads squelching, blasting barrage was a thrill as usual, Lizzo commands the room like a star,  Everyone threw down, as expected, and it was cool to see some familiar Mpls faces mixed in with the not familiars. Oh and I walked past Macaulay Culkin eating pizza.


DJ Rashad

 I did manage to sneak out on a solo mission after our set to catch DJ Rashad, Chicago footwork master and Hyperdub Records artist. Holy crap. Totally got my ass handed to me. His music is an unholy mixture of footwork, drill, house, techno and hip hop, frantic and high energy with tons of crushing bass. Fantastic. Go DJ Rashad, you had me dancing around lone, old weirdo-style.
It's messed up that I went to bed at 3 and I can't sleep past 9. Gotta go get some coffee.

Your Best Friend,


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