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Apr 03, 2014

Every Sunday from Noon-2 PM! Worldly musics.


Shuggie Otis- Aht Uh Mi Hed from "Inspiration Information" 

Martik- Past Time Paradise from "Persian Funk"
Tom Tom Club- L'elephant from "tom tom club"
Toubab Krewe- Hang Tan from "Toubab Krewe"
Django Reinhardt- The Sheik Of Araby from "Djangology"
The Souljazz Orchestra- ONE LIFE TO LIVE from "Inner Fire"
Ahmed Fakroun- Soleil Soleil from "COMPILATION"
Bela Fleck- Kabibi from "Throw Down Your Heart, Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: Africa Sessions"
Dar International Orchestre- Mwana Acha Ujinga from "Zanzibara Vol. 5 (1978-1983) Hot in Dar - The sound of Tanzania"
Body Omara- Violet from "S/T"
Gilberto Gil- O Canto De Ema from "Everything Is Possible!"
Los Cometas- Bajo El Sol from "Intercontinental Transmissions Vol. 1"
BOMBINO- Adinat from "NOMAD"
Juan Wauters- Escucho Mucho from "N.A.P. North American Poetry"
Saâda Bonaire- Funky Way from "Saâda Bonaire"
Tinariwen- Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim from "Emmaar"
Piero Umiliani- Esotico Ossessione from "Esotico Ossessione"
George Danquah- African Reggae from "HOT and JUMPY"
Vaska Ilieva- Air Da Ne Storiš Majko from "Brass Pins and Match Heads"
Fela Kuti- Black Man's Cry from "The Best of the Black President 2"
Calibro 35- Eurocrime! from "Ritornano Quelli Di..."
The Bombay Royale- You Me Bullets Love from "You Me Bullets Love"


Orlandivo- Tudo Jóia from "Orlandivo"
Malo- Meringue from "Evolution"
The Souljazz Orchestra- Sommet En Sommet from "Inner Fire"
Anoushirvan Rohani- Molla Mammad Jaan from "Intercontinental Transmissions"
Gilberto Gil- O Canto De Ema from "Everything Is Possible!"
Fela Kuti- Everything Scatter from "Best Of The Black President 2"
Serge Gainsbourg- Variations Sur Marilou from "L'Homme a Tete de Chou"
Tinariwen- Imidiwan Ma Tennam from "Tassili"
Black Bug- RUN from "Black Bug"
Croatian Amor & Lust for Youth- Strike Gently from "Home Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions"
Lust for Youth- Breaking Silence from "Perfect View"
Communions- You Go On from "Cobblestones EP"
Tijuana Taxi- The Lonely Bull from "Tribute to...Herb Alpert"
Dar International Orchestre- Mwana Acha Ujinga from "Zanzibara Vol. 5 (1978-1983) Hot in Dar - The sound of Tanzania"
Tigran- Erishta from "Shadow Theater"
Admas- Astawesalehu from "Sons of Ethiopia"
The Impossibles- Hot Pepper from "Hot Pepper"
Selda- Nasirli Eller from "Selda"
Baris Manço- Trip from "Barış Manço Forever"
Mavi Isiklar- Kanamam Mav from "Dünden Bugüne - EP"
Samira Taoufik- Wein El-Ahd from "Ya-Al-Asmarani"
George Danquah- Araba Soso Wo Ndzema from "HOT and JUMPY"

Pascal wants you to listen to this Australian psych-punk:

 And to check out this cool label based in Denmark called Posh Isolation.

Here is a track we played last week by Communions, which is off that label:


Here is a link to an interview from 1986 where Serge Gainsbourg and Whitney Houston are being interviewed together. This was cited as number 80 in a top 100 list of most shocking television moments of all time! But it's really entertaining especially the reaction on her face, and we we mentioned it on air last Sunday so here is the video!

 DISCLAIMER: Inappropriate language.


Also, our Music Director Ross has required all specialty shows to make a mixtape to be played during variety shifts! So I'm very excited to announce that you'll be hearing international musiks 7 days a week and not just on Sundays! Get ready to hear Mac Demarco and Baris Manco in the same set!


 This is probably my most casual blogpost yet but whatev's. I'm going to start having more guests hosts on the showwwww and it'll be really fun and awesome and probably have some themed days going on it will be a summer project of mine. But keep on listenin' and keep on requesting!

**Thumbnail is of The Impossibles**