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Battle of the 3000's

Jan 16, 2014

RNRO's Battle of the 3000's


Theme Thursday was a glorious celebration of Merv’s mom’s birthday. We busted out some of the best songs in our library relating to birthdays, including an instrumental, aptly-named “happy birthday.” While this was all well and good,  we have had enough celebration and choose to blog about our battle of the three-thousands. Dr. Octagon (and his song 3000) vs. Childish Gambino (3005) vs. Deltron 3030 vs. Andre 3000. It was an everyman for himself, musical, bloodbath… so to speak. We expected good things from Childish, Deltron, and Andre, but Dr. Octagon came to play.

       The good Dr., as everyone know, is an extraterrestrial “gynecologist and surgeon” from the planet Jupiter. Apparently he has some game on earth too, as the one call in vote we received was a vote toward him. His lyrics, though silly, had a clever flow we fell in love with, and Dr. Octagon’s underdog status gave him a major boost in our hearts.

In the battle of three-thousands, we gotta give the throne to Dr. Octagon.