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Snail Mail

Thank You from Abe

Jul 31, 2014

“Let’s Get it On” was the first song I ever played on Radio K. It was one o’clock Monday morning, as it began to play I leaned back in the DJ chair and smiled as Marvin Gaye’s booming voice came smoothly over the speakers. It was the only relaxing part of the show for me. The next two hours we’re plagued by trying to remember what buttons to press, how to update the song log, and how to find CD’s. At one point I turned on a seven minute long Dylan song to try to collect myself after a Willie Nelson CD decided to skip on me. Unfortunately, the song was “Hurricane,” and for those not familiar, the FCC prefers you don’t play that one on the radio. About thirty seconds of dead air followed that mistake.

As the weeks went on I kept showing up at one in the morning until eventually I kind of started to have some idea what I was doing. Then one of our DJ’s schedules changed and I was able to pick up his shift Wednesday from 11-1. It was also an adjustment, I hyped my first ticket giveaway as tickets to see “Linear Copy,” as that is what how each give away is titled (and honestly who the hell knows what bands are calling themselves these days). I can’t say that I got better every week, but I certainly got more comfortable, and if anyone were to ask, I’d say that’s over half the game.

I got hired for Rock and Rollover in mid-December, and my first day was December 20th. On August 1st, my final day hosting the show, I will have been working the morning shift for over 8 months, which I would qualify not only as my longest job, but also as my longest relationship, which seems like a more fitting description anyways. Hosting RnRO was too good a gig to call a job. I get to wake up, play music, and talk, and all with a close friend of mine. I will never have a job this good again; I truly believe that.

Rock and Rollover was the first job I’ve had that I found meaningful. If I got just one person to smile, laugh, or even roll their eyes in amusement, I am proud. When someone would call or email in to say they appreciated the job Merv and I were doing, to say their morning was made better by the music we would play, I felt like I had a purpose; when someone would call in to continue a conversation we were having on air, I felt great.

I have many great memories from my eight months here at RnRO, and many more from my year here in the cities and at Radio K, and tomorrow I will host my final show. I want to sincerely thank everyone who listened, everyone who called in, everyone who tweeted, and everyone who supported Rock and Rollover this year. You made this job more fun and rewarding than I can articulate. Thank you, and keep supporting college radio. If I can ever pay you back, I’m a pretty easy guy to find.



Thank you,

Abe Solberg