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Rozwell Kid
Kangaroo Pocket


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The Orange Peels

Head Cleaner
Jun - 25 - 15
The Orange Peels are the torchbearers of the classic indie pop sound. Allen Clapp's melodic vocals are at the top of their game throughoutBegin and Begone, as is the band's performances. Constantly resonating with each other, The Orange Peels have surpassed themselves on this album, and that's a com ...

Jaga Jazzist

Jun - 24 - 15
When the biggest stars in our universe begin to burn up and collapse they release neon gas. When electricity is passed through neon gas it glows. When it’s captured within glass we can use it to make coloured light. In this meeting of the celestial and the profane, the epic and the particular, lie ...


Stationary Life
Jun - 23 - 15
"Starting Fires In My Parents House is the upcoming EP from Blis., an Atlanta trio that likes the flout the rules of spelling and punctuation. Single "Floating Somewhere High And Above" is a hard-charging emo track with smart less-is-more guitar riffs and vocals that remind me of a cross between Isa ...

Diamond Youth

Nothing Matters
Jun - 22 - 15
Despite the varying musical tastes of each member in Diamond Youth, they all share a very common back catalogue of bands that have inspired and defined their developing years as budding artists. From Weezer to Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and all the way back to the Beach Boys, the influen ...


Jun - 19 - 15
"Opaque" by the local hip hoppers known as Pseudoubt comes to us from their album released the day after 4/20 titled, Where Nothing Grows. The word "chill" can come with some connotations, but this song is just so chill! It's part hip hop but almost part ambient, something that is wonderfully refres ...

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