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The Sex Rays
Looking for a Place to Sleep Tonight/Feeling Around (Live on Radio K)


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The Velveteens

Sun's Up
Dec - 12 - 14
Fresh off their new release, title track, "Sun's Up" is hot! Part surf-rock, and a little bit spacey, this cut conjures an image of yourself maxin' 'n relaxin' on a sandy beach drinking a cold non-alcoholic beverage. Perhaps it's a soda or a Shirley Temple. Either way, at some point your love intere ...

Dark Blue

Sounds Like Hell On Earth
Dec - 11 - 14
'Pure Reality' began life while band leader Sharkey was working as a nightwatchman in Canberra, Australia. 'I refused to allow myself to get on the graveyard sleep schedule, so I would walk around in a shot-nerves psychosis every night patrolling a desolate university campus in north Canberra. A goo ...

Kate Tempest

Dec - 10 - 14
‘Circles' is the third single from Kate Tempest’s 'Everybody Down', which is being hailed from all quarters as a masterpiece; a beguiling record that rewards its listener in spades. The Guardian called the album "A stunning literary treatise,” whilst Mojo said this "debut is one of the most un ...

Prince Rupert's Drops

Climbing Light
Dec - 09 - 14
Prince Rupert's Drops' second album Climbing Light is an endlessly-fascinating upgrade on modern psychedelia as the band steps through their first decade together. "Death March" is where glam-rock meets a Gregorian chant masquerading as power-pop. Following is “Doldrums”, anchored by a steady ba ...

Avid Dancer

Stop Playing With My Heart
Dec - 08 - 14
Jacob Dillan Summers has been many things. A sheltered fundamentalist Christian kid. A world champion drum line drummer. A marine. A lovesick transplant to icy Alaska. This is the story behind Avid Dancer. The vintage electro-disco pulsating through the Hot Chip-esque "I Want To See You Dance," is t ...

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