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Fauna Shade

No Nostalgia
May - 19 - 16
Fauna Shade is the music of 22 year-old Scotty Smith from Everett, Washington, along with his pals Richie Owen (drums) and Derek Johnston (Bass). Their brand of bedroom psych-rock combines elements of experimental, effect-driven bedroom pop with a full-blown rock and roll howl. Following the release ...

Museum Mouth

Riff From My Head
May - 18 - 16
With two full-length albums and a cross-country crush chase under their belt, North Carolina garage-punk trio Museum Mouth found themselves with inspiration for their new album and new fan: Max Bemis of Say Anything. Bemis invited the band to record some demos for Equal Vision imprint Rory Records, ...

Princess Century

May - 17 - 16
Maya Postepski's been building to "Rendezvous." The lead single from her new EP as Princess Century ditches the outright pop structures of her work with Toronto bands like TRUST and Austra, in favor of almost six minutes of gleaming, playful, unapologetically retro techno. It's more brutalist than t ...

The Cave Singers

That's Why
May - 16 - 16
The Cave Singers present a vibrant and earthy sound that, according to Pitchfork, adds "a welcome dark side" to the folky scene in their hometown of Seattle. After years playing together not only in this band but in punkier projects including Murder City Devils and Pretty Girls Make Graves, members ...

Good Doom

Put Your Sweater On
May - 13 - 16
Good Doom is a local rock outfit (band) playing music using instruments like guitars, basses, and drums. This particular track sounds as if the band recorded this song knee deep in a bog. Parts of their amps are above the surface of the bog, but the microphones have been purposely submerged in order ...

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