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Nick Monaco

Private Practice
Oct - 20 - 14
"Private Practice" by Nick Monaco has been a bit of a favorite with the DJs here at Radio K. The great vocal delivery combined with a beat that, when dropped, sends shivers up the spines of the innocent across the airwaves. And that bass line. It's pure ecstasy. Seriously. Like damn. "Private Practi ...

Warp Rider

Unknown Tyro
Oct - 17 - 14
Warp Rider is heavy. This track is heavy. Distorted guitars and big drums. Need we say more? The track "Unknown Tyro," from their self titled, combines metal and sluge for a unique sound all their own. Warp Rider stopped in Off The Record for a studio session on 10/3/2014.

Helado Negro

Myself On 2 U
Oct - 16 - 14
Helado Negro, aka Roberto Lange, recorded Double Youth, his fourth LP, in his home studio with a computer, his voice, and telepathic input from a poster he found buried in a closet in his childhood home. Seeing the poster after cleaning out a closet evoked a sudden rush of memories, but also a sense ...

Museum Mouth

Oct - 15 - 14
Museum Mouth is the product of unabashedly honest songwriting coupled with earnest, small-town ambition. Alex I Am Nothing, the newest album from the North Carolina natives, is a concept album about becoming obsessed with someone you can’t have. The record plays out the lifespan of the “Alex” ...


Oct - 14 - 14
Lemonade brings the world a track off of their latest work, Minus Tide. Combining breathy vocals, highly controlled reverb, and beat you just can't not step to, Lemonade is on their game. Minus Tide was released on September 9, 2014 on New York/London label, Cascine.

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