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The Pass

Take You Out
Feb - 18 - 15
Louisville, KY’s The Pass tout a “neverending quest for a balanced perfection of synthesizer pop and dance-floor psychedelia.” Mere twentysomethings, they are already expert organizers of a barrage of sound that would be otherwise easy to let derail. Thanks, they say, to endless nights in a ba ...

Mike Pace and the Child Actors

Summer Lawns
Feb - 17 - 15
It’s been six years – seven if you’re reading this in the summer of 2015, which we won’t discount, even if reading becomes obsolete in an insanely compressed time frame – since Mike Pace has been musically active in any public sense. That was the year that the well-loved, critical darling ...

The Gods Themselves

Feb - 16 - 15
"Together, the Seattle trio pursues a loose-limbed, lo-fi vision of rock 'n' roll that incorporates elements of their other groups-the psych-rock scuzz of Atomic Bride, say, or the scrappy power of Autolite Strike-while pushing past them with an approach all their own. The same goes for The Gods The ...

Narco States

The Architect
Feb - 13 - 15
If you were to listen to "The Architect" by Narco States after waking up from a deep hundred year sleep, you might think you traveled back in time. Or maybe you would think that it was the year 2115 but you were listening to a song that was made in the late 1960s. Either way, you'd be wrong. It's ra ...


Feb - 12 - 15
Purple is Hanna Brewer (drums / vocals), Taylor Busby (guitar) and Joe Cannariato (bass). Purple play pop music. Messy, dirty, raucous, grit-spitting, tequila glugging pop music. They do not apologize for this. They have a big streak of it running skunk-like up their backs and through urgent tunes f ...

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