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Youth Worship

No Summer
Jul - 20 - 15
Youth Worship is the newish project from James Hanna formerly of Asobi Seksu, along with long time friends Will Donnelly and Larry Gorman, the drummer in Asobi Seksu. While their first collection of songs, released as a cassette EP was an unashamed ode to their early 90’s alterna-rock influences, ...

Sister Species

Sun Arranging Light (Live on Radio K)
Jul - 17 - 15
Local music outfit Sister Species is a pretty cool group. For starters, they have an accordion, which contrary to popular belief, can sound good if you know how to play it. On top of that, they're one of the only bands that has a whole trumpet section (that isn't a ska band). Well, that claim may no ...

Moon King

Jul - 16 - 15
Toronto duo Moon King have crafted a raw, rapturous & emotional record documenting their ascent from an airy conceptual project into a powerful live band. Songwriter Daniel Benjamin’s androgynous voice blends in a unique pairing with the sweetness and serenity of his foil, singer/guitarist Maddy W ...

Oh Mercy

I Believe It
Jul - 15 - 15
Melbourne's Oh Mercy, headed by songwriter Alexander Gow, is a young indie rock band with serious talent. Gow is one of Australia's most acclaimed singer/songwriters. Releasing three albums by the time he was 25, he won the "Outstanding Potential Award" at the AMP's in 2009 and was awarded the EG Mu ...


Window Pane
Jul - 14 - 15
Following 2012's acclaimed Bleached Highlights, Joe McAlinden returns with another elegantly soulful and emotional record, Rest and be Thankful. Founder of celebrated ’90s rock group Superstar, Joe McAliden emerged from a decade-long, self-imposed, creative hibernation to record as Linden with the ...

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