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Los Campesinos!

When Christmas Comes
Dec - 24 - 14
Effervescent malcontents Los Campesinos! come briefly out of hibernation to release this slice of hot seasonal wax. ‘A Los Campesinos! Christmas’ features 5 original LC! carols, plus a cover of Mud’s Christmas #1 hit ‘Lonely This Christmas’. This being Los Campesinos!, however, it’s not ...

Oil Boom

The Sneak Tip
Dec - 23 - 14
The history of North Texas self-described "rad-dirt" band Oil Boom can be traced back to a simply worded Craigslist "Musicians Wanted" ad, placed at the tail end of 2009. Whereas most such ads tend to lead to uncomfortable pairings of disparate influences and stylistic aesthetics, guitarist Ryan Tay ...


Great Northern
Dec - 22 - 14
Sydney ambient/melodic post-rockers SLEEPMAKESWAVES have released their second album ‘Love of Cartography.’The album is the band’s most epic, intricate and powerful record to date, showcasing their dynamic and energetic approach to modern post-rock, whilst retaining their signature melodic hoo ...

The Sex Rays

Looking for a Place to Sleep Tonight/Feeling Around (Live on Radio K)
Dec - 19 - 14
No, not The X-Rays, The Sex Rays! "Looking for a Place to Sleep Tonight/Feeling Around (Live on Radio K)" was recorded right here in Studio K. Clocking in at over six minutes long, this track rocks! From sick bass lines to fast guitars, The Sex Rays know how to it's done! If you haven't already, che ...

Rocket 3

Good Enough
Dec - 17 - 14
ROCKET 3 is the latest combo in the continuum of classic rockin' sounds from the Pacific Northwest. Righteous aggression coming from their hearts and guts to yours; melodies you'll sing yourself hoarse on the way home, and a sweet ringing in your ears through 'til the AM. ROCKET 3's modus operandi: ...

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