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All Dogs
Kicking Every Day


Pillar Point
Black Fly on a White Wall


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Moving Parts

Control Party
Jan - 28 - 16
Damn! We got two local track of the day tracks this week! The first comes from Moving Parts titled "Control Party" (tomorrow is the second local TotD). Anyway, this is one of those tracks that kinda makes you wanna get up and dance but instead of moving your feet, you just sort of move your legs and ...


The Patient
Jan - 27 - 16
Egomunk releases their new single "Warning Signs" (radio edit included in downloads folder below) this month. We bring you both the single/edit as well as the full album, which came out in the UK last year but is being sent to US radio now for the first time. This album was released as a Free Downl ...

Robot Koch

Dark Waves
Jan - 26 - 16
Hypermoment, while retaining Robot’s much loved hallmark’s, is a true evolution of his sound and style. Driving deeper into more intimate territory with swathes of warm, saturated, analog sounds, real world field recordings, and lush pianos and soundscapes, this is the first of any of Robot’s ...


Jan - 25 - 16
Plaitum combines the glacial cries and whispers of Abi Dersiley with the dark and brooding atmosphere of producer Matt Canham. Now 20, the multi-instrumentalist pair have been friends since childhood, having met aged 11 at school in Colchester and bonded over their shared love of Massive Attack, Tal ...


On The Curb
Jan - 22 - 16
The local rockers known as Ripper are here to present their track "On The Curb." Before you read or listen any further, please find a beater Ford Econoline van (preferably from the 1980s) and drive as fast as you possibly can on a gravel road. Once you are driving fast, please blast this song from t ...

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