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Big Harp

It's A Shame
Apr - 15 - 15
L.A.-based alternative country/Americana duo Big Harp are comprised of husband and wife Chris Senseney and Stefanie Drootin. Both had been active in bands on the Omaha indie scene - Senseney as part of the group Art In Manila while Drootin performed with The Good Life, Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, She & ...

Dorsal Fins

Monday Tuesday
Apr - 14 - 15
Dorsal Fins are providing a diverse and rare cross section representation of Melbourne's contemporary music scene, at the other end of the spectrum this band could be the best thing to come out of Australia in a long time. Sunday morning. 10am. It's a time that musicians usually associate with slee ...

Lost Boy ?

Apr - 13 - 15
Hailing from Long Island, NY, Davey Jones first created Lost Boy ? as a bedroom, 4-track experimental pop recording project, self-releasing a number of LPs, EPs and singles the past half-dozen years. Canned marks the first Lost Boy ? full-length album recorded as a band and is delivered with effortl ...

Tall Paul

No Good Good Guy
Apr - 10 - 15
"No Good Good Guy" by Tall Paul is a pretty unique track. First, it manages to go hard but also manages to be an introspective track about Tall Paul himself. Tall Paul tells us through his spittin' that no one including himself is perfect. You may try hard to be perfect and you may think you're perf ...

Crown Larks

Blood Mirage
Apr - 09 - 15
Riding waves of noise and flashes of color out of a Chicago basement, Crown Larks distill a century of music into a white light explosion of raw energy, embracing the freedom and experimentation of the DIY community they call home without sacrificing the direct appeal of personal lyrics and melody. ...

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