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Daffodil Days
Aug - 04 - 15
23 year old Oscar Scheller AKA Oscar has cut a dash through indie music press in the UK and the US with his bedroom–recorded laptop pop over the past year, so much so that in January he announced he had signed to legendary British indie Wichita, home of First Aid Kit, Girlpool and more. A record c ...


Sad Boy
Aug - 03 - 15
Canadian singer Jeen, who first got her start working with groups like Great Big Sea and Cookie Duster (the side project of Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene), presents the deluxe edition of her debut record with four bonus tracks. Tourist, recorded in the lo-fi set-up of Jeen’s Toronto attic ...


Cold & Calculated / Squid Armchair (Live on Radio K)
Jul - 31 - 15
Fishheadfeasts are a group of local rockers who like to combine words into longer, bigger words. Words like "Solojazzcup," "Sandstormparyanimals," and "Dirtypigletsplaypoker," are some examples of other words combined into bigger words. Try it yourself, it's fun! Anyway, these two quirkpunk songs co ...

Little Wings

By Now
Jul - 30 - 15
“Kyle Field, professionally known as Little Wings, is a living legend. He is the modern embodiment of the traveling bard and the singing troubadour. Kyle’s discography is vast and impressive, full of tunes that are plucked from the lexicon of great American songwriting. On his latest effort, EXP ...

Cape Snow

One More Time
Jul - 29 - 15
Cape Snow is a cross-continental collaboration between Los Angeles-based singer Bree Scanlon and members of the long- running New England based band Tiger Saw. Their story starts in the fall of 2001 – Tiger Saw had been playing for two years, but hadn’t yet released their debut Blessed are the T ...

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