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Princess Century

Apr - 27 - 16
Maya Postepski's been building to "Rendezvous." The lead single from her new EP as Princess Century ditches the outright pop structures of her work with Toronto bands like TRUST and Austra, in favor of almost six minutes of gleaming, playful, unapologetically retro techno. It's more brutalist than t ...

Music Band

Day Stealer
Apr - 26 - 16
I'll tell you what Music Band isn't. Music Band is not a group of sour-faced millenial cry-babies wearing fedoras and Beatle boots, trudging through their live performances, looking like they can't wait to get off stage and hit their vape pens. Music Band is not a bunch of dirtnapping hee-hee boys w ...

Golden Daze

Never Comin' Back
Apr - 25 - 16
Get a load of our first local release from our new home in east LA: native Angeleno 4-piece Feels and their debut self titled LP. Slanted scuzzy guitar interplay, a little grrlish swagger, flashes of raw emotion and a cement chip of punk attitude propel these songs directly to your dome and down the ...

Ness Nite

Apr - 22 - 16
Ness Nite is a producer/vocalist/lyricist hailing from from St. Paul. This track "Sigh," performed right here at Radio K, hardly makes one want to breath out deeply. On the contrary, the only heavy breathing that you'll be doing when listening to this track is if you're groovin' and dancing too hard ...

Tanya Donelly

Mass Ave
Apr - 21 - 16
Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and founding member of three of the most influential and successful bands of the post-punk era, Tanya Donelly (Breeders, Throwing Muses, Belly) will release Swan Song Series, a 3-CD set out May 20th (3-LP vinyl due 9/2) via American Laundromat Records. The Swan Son ...

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