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Teen Men
Teen Men


Stranger Cat


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Sierra Nevada
Jan - 28 - 15
ZKPR is composed of Rick Schlude, Ido Moskovich, Zane Muller and Matt Kaufman. The first three were high school friends who grew up in the Chicago suburbs. They graduated from college, moved to the city, and following a series of late-night neighbor-galling living room jam sessions, decided they had ...

Energy Slime

Cool Ship II
Jan - 27 - 15
Alongside the starry-eyed synth-pop and minor key melancholia of his self-titled debut, Vancouver’s Jay Arner has mastered the art of deadpan absurdity. Oddball jokes and non-sequiturs linger around the edges of computer-animated music videos and sketchbook scribbles transformed into t-shirts. Now ...

Deptford Goth

Two Hearts
Jan - 26 - 15
The sophomore LP from London­ based R&B/electro-pop producer Daniel Woolhouse, aka Deptford Goth, finds him in a more joyous state than his 2013 debut, Life After Defo. Woolhouse steps forward with more emphasis on vocals: opening up to admit he is a fragile soul who is now finding peace. Instead o ...

White Boyfriend (B O Y F)

She Doesn't Do Drugs
Jan - 23 - 15
The band formerly known as White Boyfriend has changed their name. B O Y F, short for BEFORE OTHERS, YOURSELF FOREVER, are a pretty neat and interesting band. First off, both of their band names are cool and somewhat edgy which here at Radio K we like. Second (and probably more importantly), their ...

Faded Ranger

Going Somewhere
Jan - 22 - 15
Faded Ranger is Chicago’s Nick Maurer (Ex-Greenskeepers frontman) and London’s Neville Attree (founder of Gumption Recordings). Having relocated to Germany from Chicago/London respectively, the two began to collaborate as DJs, and eventually, as a pair. Faded Ranger’s debut album for HFN Musi ...

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