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Viet Cong



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Armand Margjeka

Aug - 05 - 14
Born in Tropoja, a small town nestled in the Albanian Alps;Armand Margjeka fell in love with Rock and Roll at age 12. Western influences, MTV and a fortuitous tape featuring Little Richard, Fats Domino and Elvis Presley, among others, had a significant impact on Armand. Having moved to Birmingham, A ...

White Fence

Like That
Aug - 04 - 14
With high-collared coat turned up against the cruel wind, White Fence emerge from their high aerie to display a shining array of royal jewels each time they unveil a new pop album to the world. The gliss and glitter that sounds forth from For the Recently Found Innocent has a shrine all its own, and ...


People Like Unicorns
Aug - 01 - 14
Two piece local punk band Nostrildamus stopped by our studios recently to play some great tracks, and they absolutely did not disappoint. Their sense of humor is just as clear on their album artwork as it is in their music, and it certainly doesn't hurt that their music is killer too. Check out "Peo ...

Total Control

Flesh War
Jul - 31 - 14
"Flesh War" is the kind of song you have to just stop and listen to. From the quiet synths to the glowing melodies, Total Control's new single (off their new album Typical System) evokes the Human League while bringing something totally new to the table. Check it out below!

The Ting Tings

Wrong Club
Jul - 30 - 14
Are you into killer pop tracks that are about sad subject matter, yet infinitely danceable? Are you looking for a dance routine to learn now that you've mastered all of Beyonce's latest moves and Robyn's classic "Call Your Girlfriend" jives? You should definitely check out "Wrong Club" below then, b ...

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