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Mr. Twin Sister
Mr. Twin Sister



Southside Desire
The Ledge (Live on Radio K)


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May - 02 - 14
Southwire has a sound unlike anything else. Combining folk, blues, and rap elements, the local group has made a splash since their arrival a few years back, and "God" shows you exactly why. Check it out below, and watch a video of Southwire performing live in our studios as well!

Noble Kin

Love Exceeds Demand
May - 01 - 14
It's gonna be okay, everybody. It's a stressful time of year for us college students, but Noble Kin has just the thing for our impending freakouts. With "Love Exceeds Demand", they've taken a simple song with some great "sha-la-la's" and quiet guitars and made it into a lovely little tune that'll ta ...

Cheap Girls

Knock Me Over
Apr - 30 - 14
Cheap Girls are back with a track you'll find yourself nodding your head to before you know it. "Knock Me Over" is the kind of song that you play when you're wide awake at 3:40 AM writing papers you should've written weeks ago, wondering if finals are actually just designed to cause nervous breakdow ...

Arc Iris

Whiskey Man
Apr - 29 - 14
On rainy days like these, sometimes a beautiful folk track is exactly what one needs. Arc Iris, the solo project of former Low Anthem lead Jocie Adams, combines gorgeous vocals and careful strings into a song that seems to tremble with power, providing the perfect soundtrack to a rainy day in. Check ...

Pure X

White Roses
Apr - 28 - 14
Man, it's good to chill sometimes. Pure X knows it. From the first second of "White Roses", it's obvious that this track is one to relax and lean back to. The synths and drums create a perfect backdrop for the soft lead vocals, making the kind of song you let yourself loosen up on a manic Monday to. ...

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