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Fort Wilson Riot

Jun - 06 - 14
This Minneapolis-based avant pop duo of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis have no shortness of ambition. With the former 12 Rods and Mystery Palace man, Ryan Olcott, at the production helm, Fort Wilson Riot have created their new album, "trIllIun," which blurs boundaries while immersing the listener in hyp ...


Lone Rider
Jun - 05 - 14
As Greyhounds, guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell have been making music and touring for 15 years, refining and developing a sound Trube calls “Hall and Oates meet ZZ Top.” The band also has long ties to Memphis, home of the soul that inspires them. The band is set to record ...

Broken Twin

Glimpse of a Time
Jun - 04 - 14
Broken Twin is the performing moniker of a young Danish musician named Majke Voss Romme. After formative years spent listening to artists such as Leonard Cohen, Bill Callahan, Nico and Nick Drake, Broken Twin has found her own voice by delivering haunting piano-based compositions with vocals that ec ...

Denney and the Jets

Bye Bye Queenie
Jun - 03 - 14
Nashville born and bred Chris Denney has lived a life of excess, the kind of life which perfectly translates to an album of sweaty country rock. Denney and the Jets write songs about simple pleasures (sex, drugs, rock and roll) and wear their influences on their sleeves on their first LP, Mexican Co ...

L.A. Witch

Get Lost
Jun - 02 - 14
A dark amalgam of psych-rock, garage and Americana, L.A. Witch released their debut self-titled EP on March 25 via Manimal Vinyl.On their track "Get Lost," the all-girl trio’s sludgy haze seems to bleed through with a steady mid-tempo grind that sounds like scuzzy dark country minimalism, layered ...

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