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The Jungle Giants

Every Kind Of Way
Nov - 30 - 15
It was in an old Parisian apartment that The Jungle Giants front man Sam Hales first found the inspiration to commence writing for the band's second album, 'Speakerzoid'. Having spent a significant portion of the preceding two years promoting and touring the band's 2013 debut album 'Learn To Exist', ...

Murder Shoes

So What May
Nov - 27 - 15
Black Friday is here and with that comes a black album cover. Coincidence? Well, yeah. But Still. Hailing from Minneapolis, Murder Shoes delivers a tight mix of your traditional rock n roll instrumentation that is sure to get one's head bobbing along to the beat. You can almost picture a bald headed ...

Young Rival

Interior Light
Nov - 26 - 15
Hamilton’s Young Rival entered the studio to record their new full-length with producer Graham Walsh (Viet Cong, Alvvays, METZ) with no deadlines and an unrelenting vision of sound. The band’s Aron D’Alesio, Noah Fralick and John Smith took a bag of songs and worked them until they were more ...

Korey Dane

I'm Your Man
Nov - 25 - 15
Prufrock had the Emperor of Ice Cream in a headlock when the roar of a ’37 Triumph Speed Twin made them both forget what they were fighting about. In walked an Anglo-Cherokee-Japanese skateboarder. “I’m Korey Dane, and you’re both acting like children.” He had ridden from Joshua Tree w ...


It Came From The Heart
Nov - 24 - 15
Out of the mouths of babes ... as the age-old proverb goes. Or in this case, out of the mouth of a boy reviewing a rural NSW art show. For that's where Step-Panther frontman Steve Bourke was struck by the succinct criticism of nine year-old Rodney, when he saw the kid’s entry into the comments boo ...

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