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This Time
Feb - 20 - 14
Electronic musician Milosh is hard to qualify. Trained as a classic cellist with a deep abiding love of jazz, he was about the last person anyone expected to start making this kind of music. But on This Time, he truly accomplishes his stated mission: "to make people feel something." Listen to this f ...

Fire Retarded

What You Say
Feb - 19 - 14
Garage rock group Fire Retarded has no interest in being quiet. On their new track "What You Say", they come roaring in with distorted guitars, hard drums, and killer vocals, and never let up. Check out the Madison-based group below!


Arctic Shark
Feb - 18 - 14
Quilt may take their cues from 60s psych-rock, but they are also undeniably unique. On the track "Arctic Shark," off their newest record, the lush instrumentation and soft vocals of lead singer Anna Fox Rochinski serve to create a beautiful tapestry of the song. Lose yourself in it below, and let it ...

Holy Wave

Do You Feel It
Feb - 17 - 14
Psychedelic rock has seen a bit of a resurgence over the last few years, and Holy Wave is a perfect example of this new breed of psych. Based out of Austin, Texas, the band combines an excellent bass groove, trippy vocals, and dreamy guitars into a brilliant mix that on "Do You Feel It." Check it ou ...

First Communion Afterparty

Jesus Told You
Feb - 14 - 14
The second the first guitar riff begins it becomes abundantly clear what First Communion Afterparty is all about. They play psychedelic rock. It would not surprise me if First Communion Afterparty found a time machine and used it to see Woodstock live. Saying this, FCA keeps the music definitively t ...

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