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The Jack Moves

Doublin' Down
Jan - 18 - 16
Born out of the mid-2000s skate scene, the Jack Moves are a product of an illustrious and creative period of downtown New York.Raised on a healthy diet of old-school soul and ’80s classics, singer, producer, arranger, and multiinstrumentalist Zee Desmondes met drummer, producer, and former pro ska ...

Pale Spectre

Song To My Dearest And Most Scornful Lovers (Live on Radio K)
Jan - 15 - 16
There's something about twangy guitars with chorus on them that conjures up nostalgia of vintage rock and local rock 'n' rollers Pale Spectre keep the vibes flowin' with this groovy track. When that synth line comes in, it's like someone is using two packets of glaze on just one toaster strudel. Soo ...

Keep Shelly In Athens

Silent Rain
Jan - 14 - 16
Greek duo Keep Shelly in Athens is comprised of the vocalist Myrtha and producer RΠЯ, who combine their talents on the Now I’m Ready LP to create a dreamy, ’80’s-inspired sound, brimming with laid-back romanticism and unassuming sensuality. Despite the departure of former lead singer Sarah P ...

Dawn Landes & Piers Faccini

Heaven's Gate
Jan - 13 - 16
The two songwriters, Dawn Landes (US) and Piers Faccini (UK) met in 2013 when they recorded a Lead Belly song for Faccini’s cover project, Songs I Love. Later that year, Piers invited Dawn to France to perform in a 12th Century Romanesque Chapel in the remote Cevennes region of the south of France ...

Linear Downfall

The Question
Jan - 12 - 16
Linear Downfall, an experimental band from Nashville, is known for seamlessly blending psychotic noise along with beautiful melodies. Their music taps into the highs and lows of life and challenges one to look inward. Their live show is intense and jarring captivating the audience from beginning to ...

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