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Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads

Elephant in the Room
Dec - 01 - 14
The producer and artist Kristoffer (Ragnstam) is back with his Harbour Heads. The US debut Skyscrapers With Seagulls has a chemistry that can only come from spending the better part of a decade touring Europe, Japan and the States. In their part of the world they’ve sold out headlined shows across ...

Magic Castles

White Stone
Nov - 28 - 14
Nothing like a little psych-rock to calm the innards the day after Thanksgiving. One part spacey and another part rockin', Magic Castles seems like they are summoning some sort of sheepish but powerful beast from the parting clouds that the listener is somehow standing on. The beast in "White Stone" ...


Perfect Vision
Nov - 27 - 14
Following their acclaimed demo EP and performances at South By Southwest, Cheerleader is proud to announce the release of 'Perfect Vision.' The first official single from the Philadelphia-based quintet represents a bold step forward for the band in more ways than one. "'Perfect Vision' is a song we ...

Raw Fabrics

Down the Drain
Nov - 26 - 14
Los Angeles trio Raw Fabrics power their way onto the scene with their unforgettable debut Gold Handcuffs. The EP is catchy, melodic, funky, and confident at the same time. As a whole, Gold Handcuffs follows in the soaring swagger of its first single, "Down the Drain," which has gained praise from B ...

White Arrows

We Can't Ever Die
Nov - 25 - 14
White Arrows are an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California, who incorporate electronic and psychedelic elements into their music. The band was formed by singer/songwriter Mickey Schiff who, while living in New York, initially posted one of his songs online and was surprised by the amount of at ...

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