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Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
You Will Eventually Be Forgotten



Grace Weber
Oil & Gold


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Fake Money
Sep - 03 - 14
Canadian group Arkells is a big deal in our upstairs neighbor country. Having won a Juno, this is a group that has more than proved themselves, and their third album only further confirms this fact. Filled with plenty of nods to 70s rock (the group recorded a bunch of Motown covers earlier this year ...

Floating Action

No Surprise There
Sep - 02 - 14
North Carolina-based Floating Action is the brilliant solo project of Seth Kauffman, praised by Jim James for good reason. With a sound all its own, "No Surprise There" uses shimmering guitars and driving percussion to create a sweeping and unforgettable track. Check it out below!

Twin Brother

Way to Be
Sep - 01 - 14
Milwaukee-based folk-alternative group Twin Brother know something about dedication. Formerly part of a group called Jackraasch, they realized when the band fizzled out that they needed to take things seriously if they wanted to nail this. And nail this they did, as proved by new single "Way to Be", ...

The Miami Dolphins

Pucker Upper
Aug - 29 - 14
Local group The Miami Dolphins may share a name with a pro sports team, but they've got a set of talents that comes together to make their own brand of goodness. It's lovable punk, it's fantastic, and they were just in our studios to play some great songs! You can head over to our In Studio page to ...


Blood Moon
Aug - 28 - 14
Wray is David Brown, Blake Wimberly, and David Swatzell. Though they are new, their involvement in the music community starts over a decade ago with such bands as Last Flight In, Comrade, Nightmare Waterfall, and a handful of other projects you might not have had the chance to see if “punk rock” ...

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