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Nancy's Raygun

My Kitchen Table
Oct - 24 - 14
"My Kitchen Table" from local band, Nancy's Raygun is just what we need to blow off a little steam. Go ahead. Turn up this blues-rock cut, grab a hammer, and start "remodeling" your basement. Clipped vocals and fuzzed out guitars will get you pumped up to make sure there is nothing left of your gian ...

The History Of Apple Pie

Oct - 23 - 14
The History Of Apple Pie is interesting on many levels. For one, their name is freakin' The History Of Apple Pie! Sweet! Getting past the band name, the sounds on "Tame" are far from it. The song starts out a little bit like a hip hop number but then progresses into some serious thick rock. Listen f ...

Folded Light

She's Got The Look
Oct - 22 - 14
Foot tapping is immediate after "She's Got The Look" by Folded Light starts spinnin'. A disco vibe combined with a great vocal delivery makes this song not only have "the look," but also "the sound." The sound of what? You will just have to take a listen and find out! "She's Got That Look" is off of ...

Garden City Movement

Move On
Oct - 21 - 14
"Move On" by Garden City Movement starts things out pretty soulful with some organic snaps and hand claps. We then are presented with a relaxing beat with the sound of rain falling in the background. If ever there was a movie where a child cries in slow motion, this song would be the accompaniment. ...

Nick Monaco

Private Practice
Oct - 20 - 14
"Private Practice" by Nick Monaco has been a bit of a favorite with the DJs here at Radio K. The great vocal delivery combined with a beat that, when dropped, sends shivers up the spines of the innocent across the airwaves. And that bass line. It's pure ecstasy. Seriously. Like damn. "Private Practi ...

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