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And The Kids
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Black Light White Light

And The Devil
Jan - 06 - 15
Hailing from Denmark and Sweden, Black Light White Lightbring a foreign touch to established psychedelic approaches. Banjos, sitars, and other untraditional instruments are not off-limits on Gold Into Dreams, a gorgeous, haunting adventure throughout. Fiddles and sitars guide the soothing trip of "A ...

Lisa LeBlanc

You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do Too)
Jan - 05 - 15
Lisa LeBlanc is a whirlwind on banjo, guitar and vocals. She's a force, a dynamo, ripping into the songs with gusto, humour and joy. After the huge success of her debut album she hit the road and followed the path of the Beat Generation across Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Austin and S ...

Yoni Yum

Teenie Weenie
Jan - 02 - 15
Punk or Free Spirits? You decide. Local band Yoni Yum is nothing to be reckoned with. "Teenie Weenie" appears on their latest release GREATEST (CL)HITS. Yoni Yum stopped by Off The Record for an epic session on 12/19/14.

Soldier's Heart

African Fire
Jan - 01 - 15
Soldier's Heart have easily earned a spot as Belgian's hardest working new talent, with a strong European fanbase and several prestigious awards already under their belt. This is not surprising as the band have nailed a unique psychedelic dream-pop sound, think MØ meets Haerts, and a distinct aesth ...

Deptford Goth

Two Hearts
Dec - 31 - 14
The sophomore LP from London­ based R&B/electro-pop producer Daniel Woolhouse, aka Deptford Goth, finds him in a more joyous state than his 2013 debut, Life After Defo. Woolhouse steps forward with more emphasis on vocals: opening up to admit he is a fragile soul who is now finding peace. Instead o ...

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