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I Will Be Grateful for This Day

I Will Be Grateful for This Day
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Tanya Donelly

Mass Ave
Apr - 21 - 16
Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and founding member of three of the most influential and successful bands of the post-punk era, Tanya Donelly (Breeders, Throwing Muses, Belly) will release Swan Song Series, a 3-CD set out May 20th (3-LP vinyl due 9/2) via American Laundromat Records. The Swan Son ...


When A Woman Is Around
Apr - 20 - 16
The story began in the Rotary Room, Hollywood – a place that looked like a dive on the outside but was in fact a breeding ground of creative genius. After film score composers, David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia had gathered to hear Jade Vincent perform, a collaboration was born. David and Keefus wou ...

Marco Benevento

Apr - 19 - 16
Though they've never met, few figures occupy as intriguing a place in acclaimed keyboardist Marco Benevento's mind as Fred Short. For Benevento, Short represents a variety of things: an itinerant musical shaman; an ominous messenger of looming environmental disaster; the namesake of the street he li ...

Drinking Flowers

Black Monday
Apr - 18 - 16
Drinking Flowers started as a band obsessed with the dark and strange corners of rock history, emulating the aesthetics of Captain Beefheart and even configuring “Your Head is Reeling” a song originally composed by Ultimate Spinach. Four years later the band’s tastes have morphed focusing more ...

4th Curtis

Who R U?
Apr - 15 - 16
4th Curtis is an odd band name because there are, like, three people in the band and none of them named Curtis. They appear to be taking some creative liberty with that one. Prince's real name is Prince and pretty sure one of drummers in Slipknot is named Slipknot. Anyway, they hail from St. Paul (t ...

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