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C. Gibbs

Jul - 09 - 15
“Prince meets Crazy Horse...” "Gibbs’ musical tastes and past projects can be easily heard on Sings Motherwell Johnston. Featuring bluesy, soul-tinged lead guitar that is retro in all the right ways, “Unchaperoned” is an excellent harbinger for the record." - Pop Matters "Brooklyn's Lucin ...

Kid Wave

Jul - 08 - 15
London quartet's Kid Wave's debut album Wonderlust is a crafted set of pop songs that bathe in the golden, restorative rays more commonly associated with life on the Californian coast rather than their home city. This is music that's delivered with an uplifting sense of youthful wild abandon and imb ...

Stranger Cat

Jul - 07 - 15
Born in the claustrophobic chaos of Brooklyn, NY,Stranger Cat — an electronic pop project from Cat Martino and co-producer/multi-instrumentalist Sven Britt —came to be through a dark time and a respite in the wilderness, both of which ultimately led to a personal and musical rebirth. Stranger Ca ...

Daughn Gibson

Shatter You Through
Jul - 06 - 15
Daughn Gibson of Carlisle, PA is a singer, songwriter and musician possessed of a singular and strange vision.Carnation is the latest exhilarating and dark embodiment of that vision. It's also his third album. It's an album that's more elegant and sophisticated than anything he's done to date, and w ...

Bruise Violet

Maybe You're the Problem
Jul - 03 - 15
Where to even begin? The totally #RarePepe Sadboys Vaporwave Comic Sans album cover, or the fact that these witty girls are still teenagers but rock harder than your, I don't know, decent musical side project? Maybe starting with the music would be the best way to begin. It's punk, it's loud, and it ...

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