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The Sex Rays

Looking for a Place to Sleep Tonight/Feeling Around (Live on Radio K)
Dec - 19 - 14
No, not The X-Rays, The Sex Rays! "Looking for a Place to Sleep Tonight/Feeling Around (Live on Radio K)" was recorded right here in Studio K. Clocking in at over six minutes long, this track rocks! From sick bass lines to fast guitars, The Sex Rays know how to it's done! If you haven't already, che ...

The Point

Lost Your Chance
Dec - 17 - 14
Take Diana Ross and the Supremes, grab the Beach Boys too. Take a few synth-pop acts from the 80's with you, and slow all that down. Finally, lock yourself up by the shore with Michael O'Neil and Sammy Tunis of The Point, and you've got the duo's debut album Pretty Marsh. O'Neil and Tunis exchanged ...

Rocket 3

Good Enough
Dec - 17 - 14
ROCKET 3 is the latest combo in the continuum of classic rockin' sounds from the Pacific Northwest. Righteous aggression coming from their hearts and guts to yours; melodies you'll sing yourself hoarse on the way home, and a sweet ringing in your ears through 'til the AM. ROCKET 3's modus operandi: ...

Young Statues

Run the River Dry
Dec - 16 - 14
Philadelphia has been a hotbed for indie music lately and Young Statues have been there every step of the way. The Flatlands Are Your Friend has the band honing a more focused and matured sound. This sophomore full-length has an untouched and vintage sound with eleven richly intricate, textured trac ...

Emma Donovan & the Putbacks

Dec - 15 - 14
Acclaimed indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan and Melbourne rhythm combo The PutBacks come together to bring you Dawn, an LP of hard hitting and heartfelt soul songs telling stories of grief, struggle and redemption. Dawn is a gritty, uniquely Australian record, simultaneously classic and contemporary. ...

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