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Sadistik x Kno

The Darkness
Oct - 01 - 15
The Cult Leader of indie rap teams up with Kno (of CunninLynguists) on a collaborative project entitled Phantom Limbs. Sadistik & Kno, who have connected on previous tracks such as "Kill The King" on Sadistik’s Flowers For My Father & "Castles" from CunninLynguists' Strange Journey Volume Three, w ...


Chili Town
Sep - 30 - 15
One fairly average Madrid afternoon in March, pals Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials disappeared into their rehearsal studio, and stepped out clutching two of the most perfectly ramshackle pop songs you will ever hear. Pure '60's pop sounds, cantering rhythm and guitars twanging with trem ...

Sarah Kirkland Snider

The Witch
Sep - 29 - 15
New Amsterdam Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release of composer Sarah Kirkland Snider’s Unremembered – an hour-long, thirteen-part song cycle for seven voices, chamber orchestra, and electronics, inspired by poems and illustrations by writer and visual artist Nathaniel Bellows (W. ...

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It's A Hunger
Sep - 28 - 15
Vampires. Does there exist a species more mysterious, slandered, glorified and misunderstood? The answers to all of those questions and more. Tonight. In this bio. It was 2006 when we last checked in with vampire biographer and dad-joke comedian Eric Elbogen (he's mostly been devoting time to his sl ...

Autumn Kid

Sep - 25 - 15
If there's one thing we know, it's that everyone enjoys yelling the word "why" at the top of their lungs while falling to their knees for absolutely no reason. If you haven't done it yet, we suggest you do it now. Ok, now that you have done it, wasn't that a lot of fun? Anyway, Autumn Kid is based h ...

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