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The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Don't Know What I'm Looking For
Mar - 12 - 15
Brooklyn-based The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman (aka TAOTSS) newest full-length LP, Sun Songs, is a narrative journey as told by Zachary J. Ellis through poetic prose-like lyrics and punk rock that embodies a folk-punk aesthetic. Funded by a PledgeMusic campaign with the support of his fans, th ...

Family Bike

Idiot Boy
Mar - 11 - 15
From Stereogum: "Family Bike is the new project of long-time friends Karl Kuehn (who also heads up Museum Mouth) and drummer Taylor Haag, and they’re getting ready to release their debut album, Everything You Own Is Anagrammed, in the spring. They’re leading things off with “Idiot Boy,” whic ...


I Love You Too
Mar - 10 - 15
Darlings are a band started by four friends in the front room of a fifth-floor walkup on Bleecker Street in New York City. It was 2007, and the group was about to be spit out from college into the real world without jobs or goals. So they picked up guitars. Spearheaded by singer/guitarist Peter Ryns ...


Love Letters
Mar - 09 - 15
Originally from the San Fernando Valley and eventually relocating to Echo Park, CA, Corners began playing high-energy shows around Los Angeles in 2011. All four members connected through their shared love of Joy Division. Influenced by late 70s punk and 80 post-punk music and a deep fascination with ...

Fuzzy Machete

Gamera (Live on Radio K)
Mar - 06 - 15
Local rock outfit Fuzzy Machete stopped in for an in-studio session a couple weeks ago and hacked down the house! It's not often that we get to have the track of the day be one recorded right in Studio K! What is a "Gamera" you ask? Well the only way to find out is to listen to the song! Only then w ...

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