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Punk 45: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Natio
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Drug Cabin

May - 26 - 15
The once sleepy side project named Drug Cabin is (at once) a band and a family of sorts. Following a self titled EP in 2012, Nathan Thelen (Pretty Girls Make Graves, Moonrats) and Marcus Congleton (Ambulance Ltd) combined to write 22 new songs. The result is 2 album, Yard Work and Wiggle Room. Toget ...

Bent Denim

Key Lime Pie
May - 25 - 15
Bent Denim is Ben Littlejohn and Dennis Sager — a duo based in both Nashville and New Orleans who make "NyQuil pop" by sending tracks back and forth over email. The resulting sound is a dark, emotive nervous energy with exceptional, introspective lyrics, a la Sparklehorse and Youth Lagoon. They ha ...

Strange Relations

May - 22 - 15
Please note: This is not part of this week's tune trade with WKNC - this is all home grown local slightly ambientish but also not ambientish rock 'n roll. Call us suckers for electric piano, but the electric piano in "Uprooted" can only be described as "damn good." The song of the summer for the bed ...

Astro Cowboy

May - 21 - 15
With a name like Astro Cowboy, how can the music be bad? "Stare" will make you stand still and quiver with excitement until you realize that yes, it is your turn at the DMV. But that would really just make you more excited because that means you're closer to getting out of the DMV. ----- Summer is ...

Sunshine Faces

Summer Mope
May - 21 - 15
"Summer Mope" by Sunshine Faces is this morning's track of the day! We hope you aren't moping around because that would be shameful! ----- Summer is coming, is your party playlist prepared? Radio K's got you covered. It's the "All Summer No Bummer Radio K / WKNC Tune Trade", where the U of M is trad ...

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